Top 5 meme-worthy moments from The Bachelor premiere

The Bachelor
There were plenty of memorable moments during Monday night’s premiere of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Monday night’s premiere episode of The Bachelor had no shortage of meme-worthy moments.

As leading man Zach Shallcross set off to find his potential wife, it was a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end as the women geared up for their first full night in the Bachelor Mansion.

Early in the premiere episode, Zach was introduced to the 30 women as they exited the limos and gave their best first impression. Some chose to keep it simple, while others brought in a whole party bus to make the initial meeting memorable.

Between having to drink maple syrup and get his ear licked, Zach surely had an entertaining start to the night.

As Zach continued with his one-on-one chats, the crazy moments kept coming. Not only did he end up with a mouthful of meatballs at one point, but one contestant even made him change the diaper on a baby doll.

While there were undoubtedly a handful of unforgettable moments during the premiere, these five definitely deserved their own memes.

5. Zach Shallcross parties on the bus with The Bachelor women

“The fact that it only took 250 seasons to turn night one of #TheBachelor into a sorority pregame,” one viewer hilariously wrote with a photo of Zach drinking on the party bus.

And, well, it did somewhat resemble a sorority pregame.

4. Brianna makes her grand exit from the limo

“Bachelor Nation and The girls when Brianna walked in with that gorgeous red dress and rose in her hand,” one user wrote with a clip of an overly excited audience.

It was truly a standout moment when Brianna exited the limo last, showing off her already-earned rose in her hand as she confidently walked up to Zach in a stunning red dress.

After getting America’s vote on After the Final Rose, it seems she has already solidified herself as a fan-favorite contestant this season.

3. Zach saying ‘family, football, and frozen pizzas’ in his speech

After meeting all 30 of his women, Zach took the time to give an emotional speech to the group before sitting down with the individual women.

“Me thinking Zach was going to say ‘Faith’ after ‘Family and Football’ but instead he said ‘Frozen Pizza,’ one viewer remarked after Zach hilariously switched up the sentiment of his speech.

Faith may be important to Zach as well, but for now, he’s focusing on the frozen pizza instead.

2. Poor Zach has to eat meatballs and drink syrup

Even though it was a long night for the leading man, probably without much of a dinner break, the women made sure he did not get hungry or thirsty throughout.

“Zach’s mouth is going to need a restraining order,” one fan wrote, along with three photos of Zach stuffing meatballs into his mouth, drinking maple syrup straight out of the bottle, and chugging champagne.

While it’s unclear how much time passed between each of these “meals,” it still made for an interesting combination to see during the course of one episode.

1. Madison says she ‘gave up her life’ for Zach

Taking the top spot was the most iconic situation during last night’s episode when Madison forced Zach to kiss her and was sent home before the rose ceremony.

As Zach watched her walk away for an uncomfortable amount of time, Madison remarked that she “gave up her life for him.”

Many memes were born from the moment, being that it was such a dramatic thing to say after only knowing Zach for such a short amount of time.

While this first episode surely had social media ablaze with hilarious reactions, the rest of the season seems to be a bit tamer as Zach buckles down and attempts to find his forever partner.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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