Tom Pearson teases things take a turn for him on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Tom Pearson opens up about what comes next on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
The dangerous storm has a lasting impact on deckhand Tom. Pic credit: Bravo

Deckhand Tom Pearson has teased things on Below Deck Sailing Yacht take a turn for him after a dangerous storm puts the Parsifal III crew and guests in danger.

The intense moment was part of the Season 3 trailer, so the incident isn’t a complete shock to Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers. However, nothing can prepare them for what’s coming next, and Tom has revealed he is worried about what’s coming too.

Captain Glenn Shephard addressed the scary incident last week. The captain threw shade at Tom while praising Colin MacRae and Gary King for their actions.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Tom Pearson teases things take a turn for him

Tom was a guest on the IG series Pita Party the other day. The series is hosted by Daisy Kelliher, Dani Soares, and Alli Dore. Although Daisy couldn’t make the chat, Tom discussed all things Below Deck Sailing Yacht with Alli and Dani.

One hot topic addressed was the storm and Parsifal III dragging anchor. Tom admitted he was distracted as the winds picked up after learning his best friend’s father was seriously ill.

“That night is a real blur for me still. Like a lot of emotions going on about wanting to go home and lots of things going on in my head. I wasn’t quite there,” he expressed.

Despite what it looked like on-screen, Tom’s watch was over when he made coffee, and the alarms went off. Tom also revealed the storm ramped up very quickly.

“The wind was like super calm and then literally like a click of your fingers, and it was just 40 knots of wind, belting. And I didn’t know when that happened. I honestly can’t tell you when that happened. Yeah, it happened. It happened very, very quickly,” Tom declared.

The deckhand spilled that the storm and news of his friend’s father change things for Tom on the show.

“It wasn’t a fun experience. This is sort of where things ya know, like I was having a lot of fun up until the moment I found out what was going on back home. That was a real turning point, where things started to not be as fun,” he said.

Tom gets candid about Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewer backlash fear

Because Tom knows what’s coming and how things change for him on the show, he’s concerned about backlash from Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers.

“But knowing in your head that at some point, things do take a little bit of a turn for the worst sort of thing. And that’s been difficult because I don’t want people’s minds to be changed, you know? But yeah, I remember that moment. And now all I could think about was what didn’t I do, you know?” the deckhand stated.

Tom Pearson from Below Deck Sailing Yacht didn’t give any spoilers but admits he’s worried about how he will be perceived after what’s coming up on the show. Below Deck, fan backlash is real, just ask Erica Rose and her husband, Charles Sanders. They have endured a lot since their stint.

As for how worried Tom should be, that depends on what goes down on the show and his actions.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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