Todd Chrisley net worth: How did Chrisley Knows Best star make all his money?

Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley on Chrisley Knows Best: But how did he make his money?

Todd Chrisley is evidently a very wealthy man. The Chrisley Knows Best star is married to Julie Chrisley, and the two currently live in a mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. Chrisley has five children and is also currently raising his granddaughter, Chloe.

But how do the family afford their luxurious lifestyle, and how did they become so rich?

There has been a lot of curiosity surrounding how Todd Chrisley made his money, and even a few notable things pertaining to his net worth. He came from humble beginnings and has no formal schooling under his belt. Chrisley was raised with family values, something he works to instill in his children today.

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According to Investopedia, Todd Chrisley made the majority of his money by owning and running his own businesses, which dabble in the entertainment industry, media, and even retail.

Todd owned a company called Chrisley Asset Management (CAM) that dealt with real estate, flipping foreclosed homes for a profit. However, he reportedly cited that he only had $100 cash and a little over $4 million in assets but was $49 million in debt when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012, and for corporate bankruptcy for CAM in 2013.

Chrisley Knows Best is currently airing its sixth season. Todd Chrisley remains front and center on the show as fans watch the shenanigans he gets into while raising his children.

The specifics of his contract with NBC Universal aren’t public, but it can be assumed the show brings in a nice paycheck for the family. The reality series likely also opened up doors for other ventures for the family, including things like paid ads through social media.

Todd Chrisley’s net worth was estimated at $46 million in January 2018.

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