Tino Franco will watch Bachelor in Paradise but he’s not rooting for Rachel Recchia

Rachel Recchia on the red carpet
Tino Franco isn’t interested in rooting for Rachel Recchia. Pic credit: ©

Tino Franco isn’t above throwing shade at his ex and former The Bachelorette star, Rachel Recchia.

She is set to appear on Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise, but Tino won’t be tuning in to see if she will find another romantic connection.

The former Bachelorette contestant talked about the upcoming BiP season with Courtney Robertson on her podcast After Reality.

She is a part of Bachelor Nation as she won Season 16 and became engaged to Ben Flajnik. Courtney knows a little about breaking up after winning a season of the show, so her insight into Tino’s world is unique.

While Tino isn’t participating in Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise, he plans to tune in. However, he made it clear he isn’t doing it to support his ex but to watch friends Aven Jones and Tyler Norris to see if they find love.

There may be some bad blood between The Bachelorette Season 19 winner and The Bachelorette herself.

Tino Franco shades Rachel Recchia while talking about Bachelor in Paradise

While talking to Courtney Robertson on After Reality, Tino Franco revealed that he will likely tune in to watch his friends on Bachelor in Paradise.

When asked about Rachel Recchia and her appearance, Tino said, “One thing, I think, whether you like her or dislike her, you got to give her credit for is there’s no quit in her. I’ll be watching but focusing my rooting on for the boys.”

He was in his feelings for sure. The conversation turned toward their messy split as it all played out during Season 19’s After the Final Rose, and was one of the most dramatic in Bachelor Nation history.

Tino Franco says he and Rachel Recchia weren’t right for each other

Who could forget when Tino Franco admitted to kissing someone else on national television? After the Final Rose is filmed live, and the confession threw everyone for a loop.

Courtney Robertson wanted to know if he regretted telling Rachel Recchia about the indiscretion, and unsurprisingly, he did not.

Tino said, “I think if I would’ve done it over again before I went off and got drunk and kissed somebody else, I would’ve just broken it off there, like, if I had a magic time machine.”

He talked about how he got the “electric chair” on national television and said the punishment was “absurd.” Tino not taking accountability isn’t shocking, though.

Despite all the backlash when their relationship ended, Tino is convinced that he and Rachel wouldn’t have lasted. He said, “I don’t think we’ll ever speak to each other again.”

Bachelor in Paradise returns Thursday, September 28, at 9/8c on ABC.

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