Tim Malcolm chimes in after 90 Day Fiance fan wonders how Steven has slept with so many women

Tim and Steven
Tim Malcolm jumped into the comments of a 90 Day Fiance critic who was talking about Steven Johnston. Pic credit: TLC

The topic of Steven Johnston revealing on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way that he has made out with over 200 women, had been intimate with a few dozen, and had sex with 4-5 has been highly talked about online.

Steven’s sex life has even gotten the attention of 90 Day Fiance alum Tim Malcolm, who chimed in on a critic’s post about being bewildered by Steven’s numbers.

Tim is known for being an entertaining cast member on the Pillow Talk spinoff with his ex-fiancee Veronica and is used to sharing his brutal opinions on his fellow 90 Day Fiance cast members.

Tim Malcolm added a comment to a 90 Day Fiance critic’s post about Steven Johnston getting with many women

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers have been talking about Steven’s admission that he has gotten with many women before and during the time he has been talking to Alina. Critics have been expressing their surprise and confusion on social media over the topic.

One 90 Day viewer on Twitter tweeted, “Am i the only person thats incredulous that other women would have sex with Steven? (shocked face emoji).”

Popular 90 Day cast member Tim Malcolm added to the critic’s question by asserting that he too was wondering the same thing.

Tim commented, “I literally said the same thing [to] Veronica.”

Post about Steven Johnston with comments from Tim Malcolm
Tim Malcolm answered a critic’s question about Steven Johnston’s sex life. Pic credit: @nola_creole/Twitter

Will Alina forgive Steven Johnston for breaking his vows of chastity with so many women?

Alina has a big decision to make on whether she wants to go through with marrying Steven after finding out that he has been with many women and has broken his vow of chastity.

She also has to consider that he added insult to injury by having sex with someone during the time that Alina thought they were exclusive. Alina also has Steven’s communication with her friend Masha on social media in her back pocket and will be continuing to test Steven through that trap.

Alina’s mother came to Turkey to visit Alina and Steven last episode and was not amused by Alina’s admission of Steven’s lies. Next episode, Steven will get grilled by Alina’s mother about his hypocrisy, morals, and intentions with her daughter.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

Alina should drop Steven like a hot rock! He is clearly a hypocrite, who is only interested in following the rules of his religion, if they suit his needs. He’ll have premarital sex but Alina can’t drink wine.
Alina, get on the next plane out of Turkey!

may ray
may ray
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

totally agree….he has a religion of the mormons from another era….multiple wives but not allowing women to have a say air being able to question the man’s doings. She needs to RUN from this hypocrite and find true happiness elsewhere.