Tia Booth reveals wedding plans shortly after announcing her pregnancy

Tia Booth
Tia Booth talks about wedding plans now that she’s expecting. Pic credit: ABC

It was just over two months ago when Taylor Mock shocked Bachelor Nation alum, Tia Booth by proposing to her on Bachelor Live on Stage and Tia accepted.

And it was only yesterday, on Father’s Day, when the couple announced publicly that they were expecting their first child together.

But now, Tia has already come out and talked about her and Taylor’s wedding plans as well, such as when they will get married and some details surrounding their big day.

Tia Booth announces wedding plans with fiance, Taylor Mock

During the Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reason podcast, Tia revealed that up until finding out that she was pregnant, they had luckily not finalized many wedding plans yet.

In fact, Tia stated, “We haven’t had to do much so far, which is nice. I’m not really in the thick of it yet. We still don’t have a venue – don’t have it, like, set in stone, but once I have that, then I’ll have a date. Then, I can choose vendors, and then it’ll really get rolling. So fingers crossed it all works out.”

When it comes to a timeline of when she and Taylor want to get married, Tia announced that she is hoping for a late October/early November 2023 date.

This came after one of her co-hosts for the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, Joe Amabile, had said he and Serena Pitt were looking at September 2023 dates for their nuptials.

Tia talks about what kind of wedding dress she envisions

When asked during a fan Q&A about what she has in mind for what her wedding dress will look like, Tia talked about how she has always wanted a long-sleeved dress.

However, she also wants to have different outfits for the various portions of her wedding day and evening. She stated she would like a jumpsuit of some kind for the reception and maybe even a third option of a short dress for later on.

Tia reveals her pregnancy

While Tia and Taylor are ecstatic about finding out they are about to have a child together, the news was also hard for Tia having just lost her dad a few months ago to colon cancer.

As she announced her news, she also talked about how she wishes she could tell her dad, too, but she knows he already knows and also truly believes he had a hand in this baby. For the whole podcast with Tia and Us Weekly, click here.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27th, on ABC.

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