Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm Season 7: When will viewers see him?

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel.
Thomas Ravenel will make an appearance on Season 7 of Southern Charm. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 7 of Southern Charm just got a bit more interesting. Thomas Ravenel revealed that he will appear in at least one scene of the upcoming season.

He has not been part of the show for a while now but shares two children with Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis. Their tumultuous relationship kept the show going and kept fans tuning in to see what would happen next.

Things went south for the couple and a gripping custody battle ensued. That was settled in 2019 when Kathryn was awarded joint custody.

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Now, there are rumblings another custody battle is looming with the announcement that Thomas is marrying his second baby mama, Heather Mascoe.

When will Thomas Ravenel appear on Southern Charm?

According to a statement Thomas Ravenel gave to Us Weekly, he will be appearing on Season 7 of Southern Charm. He did Kathryn Dennis a favor and filmed with her and the kids. She was staying in his guest house at the time as her house was being repainted.

He didn’t believe that the filming he did would make the cut. Southern Charm viewers thought they had seen the last of him too. After the season with Ashley Jacobs, things just got progressively more intense.

Bravo released the Southern Charm Season 7 trailer and Thomas Ravenel was name-dropped. Kathryn Dennis was spilling the tea about him getting Heather Mascoe pregnant, and her decision to keep the baby. His son was born earlier this year, and now, it looks like Thomas is marrying his mom to complete their family.


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What has Thomas Ravenel been up to?

Since exiting Southern Charm, he has been vocal on social media. It appears he isn’t friendly with the other cast members, except for Kathryn Dennis. That is for the sake of their son and daughter, but now, it looks like things may tense up between them.

For this new life Thomas is building, he is reportedly moving a few hours away. He allegedly is considering fighting for custody again, but as of now, neither he nor Kathryn have spoken out about what is going on.

With Season 7 of Southern Charm approaching, there is a lot getting ready to come out. Thomas Ravenel will be shown and his new baby will be discussed by Kathryn Dennis and her friends.

Will anything he sees set him off? Anything is possible where Thomas is concerned, especially a blow up on social media!

Southern Charm returns Thursday, October 29 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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