This Jersey Shore star steals the spotlight from Mike Sorrentino and wife Lauren in baby bump pic

mike lauren sorrentino
Mike and Lauren Sorrentino were upstaged by this Jersey Shore star in their newest baby bump pic. Pic credit: @mike”thesituation”sorrentino/Instagram

This Jersey Shore star stole the spotlight from Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren in a stunning new baby bump pic.

The couple posed for a revealing photo where Lauren posed topless. She covered her breasts with her hands.

Lauren leaned into Mike for the photograph where they celebrated the impending birth of their first child together, a son, due in the coming weeks.

Lauren wore light-colored jeans, with the top open to show off her expanding tummy.

Mike donned a white t-shirt and the same hue of pants as he wife.

However their photo was upstaged by their dog Mosey, who stole the spotlight from his parents as he lay on the floor next to them for the image.

Mosey is an important part of Mike and Lauren’s family

The beautiful golden retriever has been a member of their family for around eight years. Mosey is Mike and his wife Lauren Sorrentino’s fur baby. The pup is regularly featured in photos on the couple’s individual Instagram pages and on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Mosey even has his own Instagram page run by Lauren, which features the well-behaved pup in different scenarios.

He has been featured in photos that document many of the most important moments of the couple’s life, including when Mike returned home after serving a prison sentence in September 2019, and as part of the twosome’s birth announcement in November 2020.

Mosey has many fans

Mosey’s fans are many and they shared their joy over his inclusion in the sweet family photo.

“I love how you guys always include your pup. You’re going to be great parents. God bless,” wrote one follower.

mike sorrentino
Fans of Mike and Lauren Sorrentino’s dog Mosey added their own remarks to the couple’s latest family photo. Pic credit: @mike”thesituaiton”ssorrentino/Instagram

“Happy for Mike and Laurens Mike deserves happiness bro beautiful picture of the situations and mosey,” penned a second fan.

“What A Beautiful Situation,” claimed a third Instagram user

Just one day earlier, Mike shared a photo of the couple in front of their Middletown, New Jersey mansion with Mosey on the day of Lauren’s baby shower.

The couple posed in front of the home they purchased in December 2019. Prior to this, the Sorrrentinos lived in a condo in Long Branch, New Jersey. The couple and their best friend enjoy an outdoor area that features tons of trees and privacy when they want to venture outside of their seven-bed, 10-bath, 9,800-square feet home, reported by E! News.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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