Theresa Nist trolls The Golden Bachelor fans after Gerry Turner split

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist is making fun of all the coverage she’s been getting. Pic credit: ABC

Theresa Nist has proved to have a pretty good sense of humor after revealing that she and Gerry Turner are ending their quickie marriage.

Gerry and Theresa were married for only three months before deciding to separate.

It seems nobody believes their reason either: They can’t agree on where to live.

Several other theories about why they split have been floated, including claims that Gerry was only in it for fame in the first place and that he couldn’t get over the fact that Theresa wouldn’t quit her job.

After the split, the Golden Bachelor winner is already coming out on top compared to Gerry in the court of public opinion.

The hate directed at Gerry has been so bad that his daughter, Angie Turner, already spoke out about it, calling out fans of the show for their “rage and cruelty.”

And while Theresa has been facing plenty of criticism herself, she’s having a bit of fun with all the extra attention and is having the last laugh.

Theresa Nist is mocking stories written about her

Theresa Nist clearly knows that each time she makes a move someone will write about it – including when she takes the trash out at work.

After all, the fact that she still has a job and wouldn’t give it up for Gerry Turner has been newsworthy.

So on Thursday, the 70-year-old financial services professional took to Instagram to reveal that she takes out her trash and she does it in style

Theresa shared a carousel of photos of herself with an empty trash can and a lengthy caption.

She wrote, “The Golden Bachelor star Theresa Nist was seen taking out her trash inside her office. Theresa wore a short dress from Zara and a hint of berry lipstick to do the chore but left her cell phone on her desk. This was the second time Theresa was spotted since she and Gerry announced their divorce. The trash can appeared to be empty.”

We appreciate that she wrote the copy for us and even made it really entertaining.

Gerry Turner accused of signing on to The Golden Bachelor for all the wrong reasons

Nothing is more annoying than Bachelor Nation stars who join the franchise for all the wrong reasons and now, Gerry Turner has been accused of doing just that.

Now that he and Theresa are heading for divorce, an insider has accused Gerry of joining The Golden Bachelor to get famous, not to find love, as he claimed.

With Gerry having recently signed with an agency and ending his marriage to Theresa after just three months, this latest accusation isn’t helping him gain any popularity.

Things have gotten so bad, as his reputation with Bachelor fans tanks, that his daughter even posted about it, thanking those who supported him and their family through this decision to divorce.

Likewise, she called out the overwhelming amount of hate they’ve all been receiving since he and Theresa made their shocking appearance on Good Morning America last month.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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