Theresa Nist shows off her grandsons after Hometowns on The Golden Bachelor

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist is a proud grandma and can’t help but show off her grandsons. Pic credit: ABC

Theresa Nist made it to the final three on The Golden Bachelor, and now we wait to see if Gerry Turner picks her for the final two.

The New Jersey native introduced Gerry to her family first and didn’t get the deep “I love you” confession that the other two received.

Now, we’re waiting to see if Gerry chooses her over Faith after quickly giving his first rose to Leslie in the last rose ceremony.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger as Gerry fretted over handing out that final rose and sending one of the women home.

He’s already confessed that he’s falling in love with all of them, and as we get closer to the finale, it always gets harder and harder to say goodbye.

But Theresa’s time in the spotlight inspired her to share more about her family, specifically her grandsons, with The Golden Bachelor fans as we wait to learn her fate.

We only saw some of Theresa Nist’s grandsons on The Golden Bachelor

Three of Theresa’s grandsons were seen on The Golden Bachelor as they peppered Gerry Turner with questions about himself and his relationship with their grandma.

She proudly shared a screenshot of the trio as they faced Gerry on the show. In the caption, she wrote, “Meet 50% of my wonderful grandsons, Dempsey, Leo and Henry! Yes I have six grandsons!”

That wasn’t all of her grandsons, though, so she made sure to share the other three in a group of professional photos that had them looking like little models.

In the caption for the second photo share, she wrote, “And here’s the other 50% of my grandsons, Brandon, Brody, and Braxton. (They live in South Carolina and unfortunately weren’t there for the hometown. I wish they were!)”

Gerry Turner sheds more light on Theresa’s drama with Kathy

Theresa has been through a lot in a short time while trying to win Gerry over on The Golden Bachelor.

She became the target of another woman in the house, Kathy Swarts, who couldn’t stop coming for Theresa over her perceived connection with Gerry.

According to Kathy, Theresa needed to “zip it” when it came to her connection or her time with The Golden Bachelor star because, as she put it, other women in the house were getting upset.

Really, the only one that seemed upset was Kathy, and she caused so much commotion that she ended up going home.

Recently, Gerry was asked about the catty drama and whether it was really as big as it seemed on the show.

While Gerry admitted it really wasn’t that dramatic, he also shared that he wouldn’t change how he handled things after watching the episode air along with the rest of us.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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