The Voice’s Girl Named Tom has new music in the works

Girl Named Tom from The Voice on Ellen
Girl Named Tom from The Voice on Ellen. Pic credit: CBS

Girl Named Tom made history as the first trio ever to win on The Voice in the show’s 21st season.

With the big win, the question for fans of the band is now whether they will make it big outside the realm of the reality TV show.

The chances for success after winning a show like The Voice are slim, but the trio have the talent to succeed, and it is up to the fans to determine if they want to follow and support them now that the show is over with.

The good news is that the group is not procrastinating and plans on releasing a new album as soon as they can.

Girl Named Tom working on new music

Three weeks after Girl Named Tom won on The Voice, the siblings appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about their experience on the reality show and to perform.

This took three weeks because the three – Josh (24), Caleb (26), and Bekah Liechty (20) – returned home after the finals to spend time with their father, who is battling cancer.

“Not even 24 hours after we won The Voice on that stage, we got to be in the hospital room with our dad, all of our family together and that was very surreal just to share that moment with them,” Bekah told Ellen.

She also said the moment they won the competition; it lifted their dad’s spirits.

“He said, you know he’s on the East Coast, so, he said he woke up the entire hospital when we won, screaming,” she said. “Everybody’s sleeping, but he was like, yes!”

The good news is that they are now working on new music for their fans.

“We cannot wait to share music with people, like we won The Voice, we have this platform now that we never could’ve dreamed up, and we’ve been writing… in a little house in South Bend,” Caleb said

“We’ve got some great music, and we can’t wait to share it,” Caleb revealed. “It’ll be out next year, and we’ll hopefully tour the country. I don’t know, we’ve got big dreams.”

Girl Named Tom performs James Taylor cover on Ellen

Much like they did when they won their fans over, Girl Named Tom performed a great rendition of a cover song for Ellen.

In this case, they sang James Taylor’s Carolina on My Mind.

Check it out here.

The Voice is on hiatus. The reality competition show will return to NBC later in 2022.

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