The Voice top 16 perform back to back in live playoffs

Rowan Grace and Kim Cruise on The Voice
The Voice is going live as the top 16 face off. Pic credit: NBC

The Voice coaches capped knockout rounds last week with some stellar performances setting up a grand night for the very best of the top 16 performers for the live show. America voted this week, and the bottom three will go home tonight, ending their dream for the coveted number one spot.

Last night opened with Team Legend’s top four choices, and they didn’t disappoint in the delivery.

Omar Jose Cardona began the night with Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer, and the rocker with the phenomenal range got the studio pumped. Camila pointed out that he commanded the stage like a rock star, and his coach, John Legend stated his voice was “out of this world” with few people being able to sing like him.

Next up for Team Legend was Kim Cruse, the velvet powerhouse. She belted out classic Aretha Franklin’s I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) with ease. The technically difficult song didn’t trip up the singer making John Legend call her choices of song smart and tastefully done with soulful musicality.

Sasha Hurtado, the newest Team Legend singer, was third up in a hard act to follow. Legend used his steal to make her a part of his team in the knockouts. She sang Elton John’s Tiny Dancer in a performance Gwen Stefani called the first with a stage-commanding confidence. Coach Legend said she showed why she belonged on the show with a beautiful performance.

The last, but certainly not least, performer for Team Legend was Parijita Bastola, singing Lady Gaga’s I’ll Never Love Again. The soul singer received a standing ovation from all four judges. Camila told Parijita she was “magical” and draws from a well of emotion in her performance.

Team Gwen blossoms with her top 4 in the first live show

Team Gwen started her picks with artist Kique singing Harry Style’s As It Was in a stripped-down, emotional performance making it his own. Gwen thought it was “amazing” how creative he was at his age making popular songs into his own style. She added that he was humble in his confidence, too.

Next up for Team Gwen was Kevin Hawkins, an artist she stole in the knockout rounds. He sang Skate by Silk Sonic in a performance that had Blake calling him “the one that got away.” Gwen said it was incredible watching him blossom on stage in song and dance as a legit performer.

Up next was Alyssa Wiltrado singing Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus. Although she had some pitch issues in her performance, coach Gwen pointed out with her style of voice, it was impressive that she could move as much around the stage and stay in tune for the song.

Closing out for Team Gwen was studio favorite Justin Aaron, impressively singing Here and Now by the legendary Luther Vandross. He earned the second round of standing ovations by the 4 coaches. An elated Coach Gwen called his performance “beyond a dream.”

Team Camila’s top 4 pull out all the stops in the live show

First up for Team Camila was Pennsylvania native, Morgan Myles, singing Patty Griffin’s song of love and loss Let Him Fly. Coach Camila called the artist a “truth teller” because she chooses songs that tell a story, and it shows in her performances.

Next up for Team Camila was Eric Who singing Adele’s Rumor Has It in an energized performance that had coach Camila commenting about how he woke up the audience with his style and movement.

The next artist was a steal for Coach Camila, Kate Kalvach, singing classic Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One. An audio malfunction made the song even more difficult for the performer. Camila and Gwen pointed out the lack of in-ear device made the song complicated not hearing herself, but applauded her effort to make the song her own.

Last, but not least, for Team Camila was performer Devix singing a pitch-perfect Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. Coach Camila called him “a real artist” in his song choices and ability to change the melody in a way that works for him.

Team Blake’s top four is the one to beat

Although this is Blake Shelton’s last season on The Voice, Coach Blake believes his is the team to beat.

First up for Team Blake was Georgia native, Bryce Leatherwood. He did country right with his aptly named rendition of Travis Tritt’s I’m Gonna Be Somebody. Blake Shelton predicted the performance was top 13 worthy.

The youngest The Voice contestant, and Coach Blake’s knockout steal, Rowan Grace, sweetly sang the late Olivia Newton John’s Hopelessly Devoted To You like it was brand new. Coach Blake felt she took on frontrunner status with her solid performance of the classic song.

Following up was Brayden Lape, the fans “heart throb” performer singing Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis in what Coach Camila described as effortless. Coach Blake said it was incredible how “calm and collected” he was in his performance.

The final The Voice live playoff performance went to singer Bodie performing Joji’s Glimpse of Us. Coach Gwen called the song choice unexpected because of the variety of skills he’s shown so far. Coach Blake remarked that he blew the in-studio audience away with his performance.

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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