The Voice: Kelly Clarkson’s plan to manipulate a contestant backfires

Kelly Clarkson on the set of The Voice.
Kelly Clarkson tried to manipulate a contestant to join her team but her plan backfired on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC/Trae Patton

Kelly Clarkson‘s plan to manipulate a contestant appeared to backfire on the latest episode of NBC’s The Voice.

She tried to lure contestant Jordan Matthew Young to her team after the singer earned a three-chair-turn from Kelly, Blake Shelton, and Nick Jonas on the fifth night of the show’s blind auditions.

Gwen appeared virtually on the show for the first time since exiting the series and scoring her first win with contestant Carter Rubin.

Kelly called on her longtime pal to give a glowing list of her skills as a coach who could bring a contestant all the way to the finale.

Kelly’s stunt earned a swift reaction from Nick and John and Blake couldn’t contain his laughter.

Did Gwen’s tongue-in-cheek endorsement make any waves with the contestant?

What did Gwen do to help Kelly?

In a clip posted to Twitter, Kelly admitted that she liked Jordan’s overall vibe and that he sounded like an old-school country artist.

She said that she was going to let someone else speak for her on her behalf instead of trying to persuade him herself.

Kelly took past footage of former coach and Blake Shelton’s fiancee Gwen Stefani and manipulated it to show how wonderful a coach she would be instead of Blake.

“Blake loves this person and I think this person should tell you who you should go with and who you may be shouldn’t,” said Kelly.

Blake’s response? “Oh great.”

Gwen’s glowing endorsement of Kelly’s coaching skills

Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani pose on the set of The Voice.
Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani pose on the set of The Voice during Season 19. Pic credit: NBC/Trae Patton

In a montage of videos that were spliced together, Gwen appeared to be a champion of Team Kelly.

“I would probably have to say Kelly would be the best choice to go with,” said Gwen. “Blake Shelton would be terrible as your coach.”

This led John to clap heartily as the clip continued and exclaim, “Yes I agree with Gwen!”

“I love Kelly. She is perfect for you. You will not win with Blake Shelton, that’s a no brainer,” she concluded.

Blake responded to Kelly’s attempt to sway Jordan to her team with a hearty laugh.

“Kelly, I appreciate your input a lot, but it would be between Nick and Blake,” Jordan admitted of his choice of coaches. 

In the end, the country singer chose to be a member of Team Blake.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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