The top 5 craziest moments on Real Housewives of Potomac

the top five craziest moments from the Real Housewives of Potomac
Find out the top five craziest moments from the Real Housewives of Potomac. Pic credit: Bravo

When The Real Housewives of Potomac premiered a few years ago, the ladies really brought the drama. Every episode is pretty chockful with fights, yelling, and drama.

It doesn’t matter which housewife you love the most from Potomac, they have all been known to bring the shade from time to time.

Let’s go over the top five craziest moments from The Real Housewives of Potomac. Of course, there are plenty more, but for time’s sake, let’s just talk about these.

See if you agree or if you can remember even crazier moments from the show.

Let’s start with one of the craziest and funniest nights in Potomac when some of the ladies decided to do a little undercover work.

It didn’t end up getting the result they desired, but it was an interesting moment on RHOP.

Robyn, Gizelle, Ashley, and the pizza prank on Karen

robyn rhop pizza delivery man costume
Robyn dressed up as a pizza man to see if she could figure out the Karen house debate / Pic credit: Bravo

When Karen moved to Great Falls, Virginia, and left Potomac, it was a big topic of conversation. She loves to be called the grand dame of Potomac, but can she be called that if she doesn’t live there?

The ladies weren’t convinced that Karen and her husband Ray actually bought the house. They kept getting mixed messages from Karen. So, some of them decided to go undercover.

Robyn dressed up as a pizza delivery man and rang Karen’s doorbell. Unfortunately, she didn’t come to the door.

After waiting a few moments and trying to look inside, she left the pizza at the doorstep, and Gizelle, Robyn, and Ashley eventually gave up and left.

When they asked Karen if she received a pizza delivery, she denied getting a pizza. Unfortunately, they didn’t find out any answers that night but it was a crazy and hilarious episode.

These days, Karen and Ray have moved back to Potomac and reclaimed their reign once and for all. Karen claims that they moved to Great Falls to help her sick parents, not due to money problems.

Candiace with the knife in the dining room

candiace with a knife rhop
Candiace about to throw a butter knife at Ashley. Pic credit: Bravo

When Candiace and Ashley got into an altercation at Candiace’s dinner party, things got pretty ugly.

Both of the women threw low blows at each other, but Candiace couldn’t take it when Ashley brought Candiace’s mother into the conversation.

Candiace and her mother don’t always get along so Candiace wasn’t happy that Ashley brought her up.

Candiace shocked everyone when she decided to throw a butter knife at Ashley.

This was after she kicked Ashley out of her house and Ashley came back inside to fight some more. Luckily, Candiace’s husband Chris pulled Candiace away before anyone got hurt.

Of course, the knife was flung and it could have gotten more dangerous.

Luckily, in the most recent season, the ladies were able to move on and even joke about “the knife incident.”

Chris also joked about it and made the other women laugh. I guess they have totally moved on now.

Monique getting aggressive while pregnant

monique candiace karen rhop hoedown
When Monique delivered the iconic line “I will drag you pregnant and all” at that strange country hoedown party. Pic credit: Bravo

Last season, Monique was pregnant but she didn’t let that stop her from threatening to “drag” the other women.

While at a country hoedown, Monique and Candiace got into an argument.

Monique then delivered one of the craziest and most iconic lines of the entire show, “I will drag you, pregnant and all.”

The other ladies were able to diffuse the situation, so no one was dragged.

Like many of the women, she was able to turn the once horrible situation into something more positive.

The line ended up inspiring Monique’s first single called “Drag Queens.” Monique created a music video for the song during the quarantine.

The song also includes other lines from the show. You can check it out here.

Katie and Andrew’s PDA

katie and andrew making out rhop
The other ladies were shocked when Katie and Andrew made out pretty aggressively during a party / Pic credit: Bravo

While Katie may be off the show now, who can forget Katie and Andrew’s aggressive making out that made everyone else uncomfortable?

Katie and Andrew were together during Season 1 and eventually got engaged.

At parties, they were often seen making out and it was definitely a little awkward to watch. Many of the ladies told Katie that it was classless and it made everyone very uncomfortable.

While they had a lot of PDA, it didn’t help their relationship last. Katie and Andrew called it quits at the end of the season.

More recently, Katie, unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage of her fourth child with her boyfriend Jacob. It doesn’t seem like they are still together.

We hope she is doing well these days. She seems in better spirits on her Instagram page and is spending a lot of time with her kids and mother.

When Ashley admitted she sniffs her husband’s underwear

ashley darby rhop
Ashley admitted she checks her husband’s emails and even sniffs his underwear to make sure he isn’t cheating. Pic credit: Bravo

During this season of RHOP, Candiace received information that Ashley’s husband Michael was at a strip club during their girl’s trip.

Photographic evidence did not look great for Michael. There were claims that he said he “had a boyfriend and a wife” while out drinking.

A photo also shows Michael half-naked in a hotel room while Ashley was out of town.

When Candiace and Gizelle sat Ashley down to tell her the news, Ashley didn’t seem too shocked.

She admitted that she checks his emails, texts, and even sniffs his underwear! It was clear that she worried about Michael cheating on her in the past.

She thanked the women for telling her and assured them she would talk to Michael and get all of the information.

Ashley has been known to be a bit of an Internet sleuth as she also admitted to Googling the other ladies in past seasons.

Of course, it appears that Ashley and Michael are in a better place now because they recently announced their second pregnancy. Congrats to Ashley, Michael, and baby Dean on the new arrival!

Do you agree with these top five craziest moments or do you think I missed something even crazier? There are just too many drama-filled moments to choose from on RHOP!

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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