The Other Way fans think Evelin’s sisters were totally out of line and Corey should have stuck up for himself

Evelin and Corey eat soup
The Other Way viewers thought Corey should have stuck up for himself better during the meeting with Evelin and her sisters. Pic credit: TLC

Corey Rathgeber once again let Evelin walk all over him on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, only this time the insults included her sisters too.

Evelin took Corey to meet up with her sisters, knowing that they were going to lay into him and make him eat bull genital soup without his knowledge. Corey was disgusted by what they did to him and asked what Evelin’s sisters’ problem was.

Evelin didn’t stop her sisters from attacking him and questioning him about the relationship he had with a Peruvian girl while he and Evelin were on a break despite already being married. Corey insisted that Evelin was not telling the truth about their breakup but they weren’t listening to anything he was saying.

Viewers thought Corey should have defended himself better and thought that Evelin was just as villainous as ever for putting Corey through that.

The Other Way fans thought Corey should have done and said more after being mistreated by Evelin Villegas and her sisters

After the unpleasant scene played out during the latest episode of The Other Way, angry viewers took to Instagram to vent their frustration over Corey’s complacency with the terrible way he was treated by Evelin and her sisters.

One 90 Day fan page on Instagram shared a tweet from a different 90 Day fan account that showed a picture of Corey’s astonished face as he found out he was eating a male bull’s genitalia.

The picture was accompanied by a banner that said, “Corey should’ve poured that penis soup on all of them..(crying face).”

Another fan page on Instagram expressed their irritation that Corey didn’t do anything about the disrespect he was receiving. They said, “Okay Corey you ate penis, now grow some balls and stand up to your witch of a wife.” This meme was accompanied by a caption that read, “I can’t believe he didn’t make a bigger scene.”

Another fan page gave an assessment on what they would’ve done if they were Corey in that situation. They remarked, “If I was Corey I would have flipped the whole damn table over on those hyenas.

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas are not just dating, they are married

It was revealed that Evelin married Corey when his visitor’s visa for Ecuador was up in 2019 and that she felt reluctant about the whole thing. She mentioned that her family does not believe in divorce so she will be forced to make it work with Corey.

Corey was surprised to find out during the sabotage soup incident that Evelin told her sisters they were married because they were going to continue to keep that a secret.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+

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2 years ago

Corey shoulda stuffed that penis soup in each of their mouths!!

2 years ago

Corey needs to grow a set and instead of sutting there laughing, Evelin should have set them straight too. She needs to start sticking up for her husband!