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The new MAFS trailer reveals trouble in paradise for Myrla and Gil

MAFS Myrla claps in excitement on her wedding day
MAFS Myrla Feria claps in excitement on her wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla claps in excitement on her wedding day, but could the honeymoon be over for this couple, on well– the honeymoon?

MAFS Season 13’s new trailer reveals there could be some very stormy seas disrupting this couple’s blissful beachfront honeymoon.

Myrla and Gil experience trouble in paradise

The trailer reveals the couple arrives at their honeymoon beach suite and Myrla is clearly not impressed. Myrla says she feels the room is “not that nice” and she had pictured her honeymoon at a “beachfront resort” not the “senior citizen’s center in Florida.” Ouch.

Gil seemed uncomfortable with Myrla’s demeanor and when she expressed that she felt she was “very easy to please” he nearly choked on his food and responded with a surprised “huh.”

Myrla went on in the preview to criticize the room and hotel causing Gil to seem put off and suddenly aware of the “high maintenance” side of the Myrla debate.

Will Myrla and Gil’s ‘I Do’ turn into an ‘I Don’t’?

Just a few short episodes ago, we watched Myrla Feria and Gil Cuera say “I do” even though for a few moments, it seemed like maybe they’d say “they don’t.” Despite Myrla’s initial reservations about marrying someone bald, she seemed to come around, and the two actually made a very cute couple on their wedding day.

Soon, however, a few more differences began to surface between the couple.

Aside from Myrla’s initial hesitation about marrying a bald man, it seems she is also not a lover of animals. Especially of the four-legged, shedding, and drooling variety, to which Gil admitted, he had one of. When Gil told Myrla about his dog, Myrla appeared horrified, especially as he told her that yes the dog did shed, but that he was very fastidious about cleaning up after it. Even so, Myrla looked skeptical.

Gil had told the relationship experts during the Matchmaking episode that he did not want a woman who was “high maintenance.” Well, that may or may not describe his new bride. Despite the ongoing battle on fan boards and social media, over whether Myrla is “high maintenance” or “high class,” it seemed that on the wedding day, Gil had not made up his mind.

According to the new trailer, it seems the honeymoon may just tip Gil’s scales.

The new trailer, coupled with the revelation that Myrla has sold her wedding dress online, makes fans worry that perhaps the stormy seas of their honeymoon, may have capsized this couple’s marriage. We are looking forward to the new revelations and bombshells it looks like the next episode holds.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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