Myrla puts her MAFS wedding dress up for sale and fans wonder what it could mean for her marriage

Myrla smiles in her wedding dress at the altar
Myrla is done with her striking wedding dress. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 star, Myrla, is selling the wedding dress she wore the day she married Gil. 

Many viewers believe Gil and Myrla are the most doomed of all the couples, believing Gil and Myrla’s differences could potentially lead to the newlyweds’ demise.

So Myrla bidding goodbye to her wedding dress has some fans speculating whether this is a sign that she has also bid goodbye to Gil as her husband.

Myrla sells her dress at a discounted price

Myrla’s dress was one of the more memorable in MAFS history. The dress made a statement with its 3D effect and revealing upper half that showed off Myrla’s fit figure. 

Myrla placed her dress on the website, StillWhite, which is the largest online global marketplace for preowned, used, and secondhand wedding dresses. 

According to the website, Myrla’s dress, designed by Berta Privee, originally cost $9,100 but she’s selling it for a discount at $6,440. The hefty price tag is not surprising considering Myrla prides herself on loving expensive designer items. 

As of now, the dress is still currently for sale on the site and claims that Myrla is selling the dress at the lowest discounted cost. 

Myrla’s pricey wedding dress is up for grabs. Pic credit: StillWhite

Myrla and Gil have an uphill battle ahead 

Myrla and Gil both appeared happy with one another’s physical appearance at the wedding, with Myrla even embracing that Gil had a bald head, which was a feature she thought she’d find distracting at first. While Gil claimed Myrla’s luscious lips were the first thing he noticed about her as she walked down the aisle, he also acknowledged that he loved her wedding dress and found Myrla to be very stylish.

However, as the wedding proceeded, Myrla and Gil’s differences became even more glaring and they appeared less and less likely to be a good match. Myrla and Gil both seem to be the opposite of what they wanted in a spouse, despite their initial attraction to one another.

In just a few episodes, Myrla and Gil’s marriage looks to be in trouble, considering Myrla appears high maintenance and Gil is a lot more frugal according to his friends. Gil and Myrla’s contrasting viewpoints may be what causes the relationship to implode and influences Myrla’s choice to sell her wedding dress. 

It’s not particularly uncommon for brides to sell their wedding dresses so Myrla’s decision could have no darker meaning but, considering Gil and Myrla’s compatibility is already in question, Myrla selling her wedding dress adds fuel to the speculations that their marriage crashes and burns in the end.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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