The Miz reacts to losing to JoJo Siwa on Dancing with the Stars

Miz and Witney Carson on Dancing with the Stars
Miz and Witney Carson on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Last week on Dancing with the Stars, The Miz and Witney Carson lost to JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson.

The bottom two were shocking, as no one expected JoJo to end up at that point.

One person who never expected to see her there was The Miz, and he said that the second he realized he was going up against JoJo, he knew it was over.

The Miz talks Dancing with the Stars elimination

The Miz posted a photo on Instagram of him and JoJo Siwa and he had a long statement about his elimination from Dancing with the Stars.

“The SECOND it was announced I was in the bottom two against @itsjojosiwa on @dancingABC, I knew I was going home. You could see it on my face!” The Miz wrote.

What made things most shocking was that The Miz and Witney scored 32 for the night. They tied for the lowest score with Iman Shumpert and Daniella.

It appeared that Iman’s great performance the week before carried over and fans saved him from the bottom. He also got a bonus point in the relays, leaving Miz alone at the bottom.

JoJo and Jenna scored a 39, the highest score of the night. However, Olivia Jade and Val got four bonus points in the relay to move ahead of JoJo, and Melora got one bonus point to tie JoJo.

This likely played into JoJo not getting protected by the judge’s scores.

The Miz praises JoJo Siwa

The Miz doesn’t believe that JoJo should have gone home and he did nothing but praise her after his own elimination.

“Honestly, if I got to choose who to go home against, I would want it to be JoJo,” The Miz wrote. “The JoJo you see on TV is who she is. She is energetic, sweet, caring, incredibly positive and has a presence that is fun and infectious to be around. She has incredible dedication and is one of the hardest workers and so dedicated in everything she does.”

Miz then praised her and said she is doing more at 18 than he ever was at that age.

“At 18, she has a freakin empire because of all of her hard work!” Miz wrote. “At 18, I was sitting in my room staring at a Limp Bizkit poster on the wall.”

“Regardless of the outcome this season, she is a champion.”

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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