The Miz takes fans behind the scenes of Dancing With the Stars Grease Night

The Miz on Dancing With the Stars Grease Night
The Miz on Dancing With the Stars Grease Night. Pic credit: ABC

The Miz has quickly become a fan favorite on Dancing With the Stars.

The long-time WWE villain has won over a lot of fans with his hard work and charisma on the dancing reality show.

While he still gets counted off by the judges, especially Len Goodman, he takes it all in stride and understands their words are there to help him improve.

He has improved every week since he started on the show.

On Grease Night, The Miz even added something extra, something that Melora Hardin did the week before, but on a smaller level.

The Miz goes behind the scenes on Dancing With the Stars

During Disney Week, Melora Hardin did something amazing. While dancing the jazz to Mother Knows Best from Tangled, Melora also provided the vocals for the song.

After dancing to a song that she also sang, she scored the first 10 of the season, awarded to her by Len, on her way to a night’s high of 37 points.

While The Miz didn’t sing Greased Lightnin’, he released a video on TikTok and Instagram that shows that he provided the opening vocals – “Well, this car is automatic. It’s systematic. It’s hydromatic. Well, it’s Greased Lightnin’.”

“Yes, that was my voice at the top of Grease Lighting last Monday on @Dancing with the Stars #DWTS #DWTS,” Miz wrote in the caption. “Pass the mic and start the show. #WWE.”


Yes, that was my voice at the top of Grease Lighting last Monday on @Dancing with the Stars #DWTS Pass the mic and start the show. #WWE

♬ original sound – MikeTheMiz

The video has over 31,000 likes on TikTok with 85 comments, and 161 shares, as well as over 11,700 likes on Instagram.

It also showed how much fun The Miz is having performing for fans, as well as learning the dances for the competition.

Miz has lots coming after Dancing With the Stars

The Miz appeared on Ellen last week and revealed that he had lost 15 pounds with his dance training for the show.

This means when he finishes up his time on Dancing With the Stars, he will need to bulk back up before returning to WWE, where he is one of their top stars.

However, The Miz has a lot more coming than just a return to the wrestling ring.

He also announced on Ellen that his reality TV series was renewed and Miz and Mrs. was returning for a third season with his wife Maryse.

There is hope that The Miz’s new fans from Dancing With the Stars might follow him to Miz and Mrs, which follows his and Maryse’s home life as they raise two little girls as well as his work in WWE.

Dancing With the Stars airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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