The Masked Singer reveals another new costume for Season 7

Baby Mammoth and Ram on The Masked Singer
Baby Mammoth and Ram on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Hulu/Fox

The Masked Singer returns for its seventh season in March with a new theme.

This season, the show is calling itself The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly.

Each of the costumes will fit into one of the categories, and a few have already been teased, although the names have not yet been revealed.

It is assumed that the costumes’ names and who will compete in which block will be made known on Sunday when The Masked Singer releases its preview special on Fox.

However, ahead of that episode, The Masked Singer has revealed its first two costume names for the new season.

The Masked Singer introduces Baby Mammoth

The news came with a promo on Twitter, where Nick Cannon introduced a new tease of Baby Mammoth, with some quick footage of the costume.

The promo was also for Hulu, which will be showing replays of each episode after they air on Fox.

Baby Mammoth will almost surely be on the Cuddly team for the new season.

It came out of an igloo and is pinkish-purple, with lots of fur, and Nick Cannon revealed it is “cuddly as heck.” It also has a trunk, tiny tusks, and long eyelashes.

There were no clues given in the promo about who Baby Mammoth could possibly be, so watch on Sunday night for the first clues.

This also followed a promo where The Masked Singer introduced Ram, which was one of the costumes shown in the original promos.

This reveal was on The Masked Singer’s official Instagram account.

While there were also no clues, it appears to look like the Greek god Ares, with a gold armor-like suit and helmet, along with a brown cape and belt, and a black and gold kilt.

There is no telling if this will be part of the heroes (Good) or villains (Bad) team.

The Masked Singer preview coming on Sunday

While The Masked Singer won’t premiere until March 9, there will be sneak peek this weekend on Fox.

On February 20, viewers will get their first look at the creature costumes and possibly get their first hints at who might be under the costumes to start putting together guesses on who is performing.

At the moment, the only confirmed costumes – based on the original promo – were a frog, alien, lemur, gladiator, ogre, and astronaut. The new promos indicate the gladiator is Ram and there is a new addition with Baby Mammoth.

See the rest on Sunday on Fox.

The Masked Singer premieres on Fox on March 9 at 8/7c.

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