The Masked Singer returns this week for sneak peak at Season 7

Nick Cannon hosting The Masked Singer
Nick Cannon hosting The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer is coming back in March for its seventh season, and people are already talking about it.

While there is still a couple of weeks left for the competition to start, there will be a sneak peek coming in just a few short days.

The Masked Singer Season 7 will televise a sneak peek on Fox on February 20.

The Masked Singer sneak peek

This season, there will be three groups of singers competing under the giant colorful costumes.

They are the Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly. From the look of it, the Good are heroic costumed singers, the Bad are dressed like villains, and the Cuddly are what the term suggests, with huggable creatures.

On February 20, viewers will get their first look at the creature costumes and possibly get their first hints at who might be under the costumes to start putting together guesses on who is performing.

At the moment, the only confirmed costumes – based on the promo – is a frog, alien, lemur, gladiator, ogre, and astronaut. The show planned to release all the names of the costumes and who was in each group before the season premiere.

That is what this sneak peek is likely to consist of, as well as releasing all the different costumes for this season of the series.

The Masked Singer Season 7 sneak peek will air on Sunday, February 20, at 7/6c on Fox. The episode has a 30-minute running time.

The promo for the sneak peek is the exact same one released before, but this time with a new voice over mentioning the sneak peek time.

The Masked Singer to start with controversial moment

While most people want to enjoy The Masked Singer as a form of escapism and fun, this season will have at least one moment that could strip the show of some of the fun.

As we previously reported, the first episodes were pre-taped, and one of the unmasked singers turned out to be former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani most recently served as legal council for former President Donald Trump when he rejected the 2020 presidential election. This unmasking caused both Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke to walk off the set.

Reports indicated that Jeong felt disrespected when the politician appeared on the show and that Thicke followed his friend off the stage because he was worried about him.

The Masked Singer premieres on Fox on March 9.

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2 years ago

I’m so excited for this new season! So cool that they have a Sneak Peek airing early on Feb 20th so we can get a first look!!