The Masked Singer recap: Group B highlights six new contestants – Kitty, Taco, Elephant, and more



The Kitty on The Masked Singer
One singer has already been unmasked from Group B on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX

Last week, we watched the Masked Singer finetune Group A down to three contestants, with the statuesque White Tiger, tiny Turtle, and bouncing Kangaroo moving on. Tonight, everyone’s favorite masquerade show introduced us to a new group of vocal wannabes, bringing a mix of foodie favorites and furry friends.

The Frog sprang into action, as the first to sing for Group B. His signature style blended classic swing swag with a hip hop vibe. He rapped to MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This, flawlessly belting the body-bouncing favorite.

During the performance, he proved to be un-frog-ettable as he demonstrated even more energy than his swinging background dancers.

His clue package transitioned from the 1940s zoot suit boogie into the modern era, with clues hinting toward the 1996 Olympics, a lightning bolt, and dollar bills, among others. The panel jumped to varied conclusions, from champion Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson to rapper Ray J.

The geometric Elephant demonstrated athleticism from the time he entered the stage. Though his understated singing voice didn’t quite match his deep-throated clue package, he wooed the crowd with the poppy British tune Friday I’m in Love by The Cure.

Pointing toward a bicycle clue and leading a massive movement, Jenny McCarthy thought Tour De France legend, Lance Armstrong, maybe behind the trunk. Other judges focused on the Elephant’s drumming clue, suggesting Blink 182’s Travis Barker and Motley Crue bad boy Tommy Lee.

Kitty strutted her stuff to the stage next, bringing a huge presence on a little frame. Her clue package had a vintage flare, and her sultry style was a perfect match for her song selection, Something ‘Bout You. Miss Kitty also wasn’t afraid to showcase her cat-ssets, putting on a feline burlesque show that left judges as roused as they were confused.

The show’s next tasty treat was Taco, who exhibited flavorsome fervor and a delicious clue package. Based on his hints and the hot sauce crooner’s rendition of Fly Me to the Moon, judges were convinced he was of an older time.

El Taco also showed a festive personality, cracking jokes that reminded judges of the likes of Regis Philbin, Martin Short, and Bob Saget.

Quiet as a church Mouse from her initial entrance, the small-scale rodent brought big-time vocals. Though her movements were slow, her lyrics were steady, elevating her to legendary status.

Her clues also packed a big punch, with football references and gold-star significance a-plenty. Judges named Dionne Warwick as a frontrunner behind the fur.

Though he started off his clue package catching some zzz’s, Banana demonstrated high-energy and confidence from the time he entered the stage. He showed that he likes to have a good time, with party-rock anthems, late-night ladies, and some fruity nudity highlighted in his clues.

He let his singing do the talking with Elvis’ A Little Less Conversation, satisfying audience members and judges alike. Jenny focused on a blue-collar clue and cowboy hat, drawing a parallel to the Blue Collar Comedy tour funnyman, Bill Engvall, while Nicole thought it may be Ed Helms, based on the Hangover-style clue package.

Robin, conversely, combined two hints to point toward Hootie & the Blowfish frontman turned twangy all-star, Darius Rucker.

Who was the first to go from Group B?

When the Elephant was voted off first from Group B, guesses varied from bicycle and BMX athletes to DJs to political primary contenders.

In the final reveal, it was skateboard (and video game) legend, Tony Hawk. Tune in next week to see who is unmasked next!

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX. 

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