The Masked Singer returns with new celebrities for tonight’s episode

Kitty Masked Singer
Kitty performs on The Masked Singer Season 3, Episode 4. Pic credit: FOX

The Masked Singer returns to FOX tonight, and viewers are going to get to see six new celebrities taking the stage.

Group A performed during the first three episodes, including the special presentation after the Super Bowl.

Kangaroo, Llama, Miss Monster, Robot, Turtle, and White Tiger were the first six celebrities to perform during Season 3, with three of them already getting eliminated.

FOX viewers found out that Robot was Lil Wayne, Llama was Drew Carey, and Miss Monster was Chaka Khan.

Now, it’s time to see Group B take to the stage for the first time. It means that there are six new contestants ready to show the in-studio audience and judge’s panel what they can do.

Who is in Group B on The Masked Singer Season 3?

Banana, Elephant, Frog, Kitty, Mouse, and Taco will get to perform for the first time during the February 19 episode of The Masked Singer. This serves as Episode 4 for Season 3.

Group B will work just like Group A did, with six celebrities performing and one getting unmasked by the end of the night. This is what will take place for three successive episodes.

Once Group B is down to three people, it will be Group C’s turn to take control of the show.

For viewers already looking ahead to when Group C will get their chance, the celebrities in that round are Astronaut, Bear, Night Angel, Rhino, Swan, and T-Rex.

The Masked Singer Season 3 buzz continues

Maybe it was because the show got an extra push by debuting after the Super Bowl this year, but The Masked Singer Season 3 is presenting FOX with some fantastic ratings.

Not only is social media buzzing during and after each episode of the show, but the TV ratings have already declared that this is a show deserving of a fourth season on the network.

The DVR numbers are equally impressive, with millions of additional viewers watching the episode after the day that it has aired live.

Adding to the success is that many of the viewers are in the key demographic of ages 18-49, leading to some very pleased advertisers who will continue to purchase commercial spots.

Can The Masked Singer keep up these positive trends in the TV ratings?

Make sure to tune in for the all-new episodes on February 19 and February 26 to find out. Comedian Gabriel Iglesias joins as a guest panelist on the February 26 episode.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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