The Masked Singer has had to increase security this season

Prince singing on the Masked Singer
Prince singing on the Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

This season has been a tough one for The Masked Singer.

A contestant early in the season started to choke during a performance and needed medical attention while another fell off the stage in a scary moment. There were also costume problems as Penn & Teller had such huge costumes that they had to dress outside a dressing room. Additionally, there were rumors that one of the contestants brought their own entourage which was disturbing other contestants.

Before the first episode even aired, people in attendance broke their non-disclosure agreements to reveal that former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani was one of the contestants. The Masked Singer then waited until the last batch to show Giuliani getting unmasked – which ended up as the least-watched episode of the entire season.

The Masked Singer needed more security this season

Fans and paparazzi at The Masked Singer tried to spoil the surprises this season, even after additional security was added. Because of the increased number of people showing up this season, production had to hire a lot more security to keep eager fans from ruining things.

TMZ reported that fans and paparazzi were outside the studio, trying to take pictures through cracks in the fence. Some people even climbed onto cars to get shots over the security barricade.

People often showed up near the filming location and tried to see who was coming and going. To combat this issue, set designers also built a brand-new barricade outside the studio to keep people from seeing the entrance.

The added security measures seem to have worked because there have been no spoiler photos of celebs going into or leaving The Masked Singer studio during filming.

The last Masked Singer double elimination is coming this Wednesday

This Wednesday will see two more singers unmasked in a double-elimination.

With Jack in the Box and Baby Mammoth eliminated, the three remaining singers in this group include Space Bunny, Queen Cobra, and the Frog Prince.

Only one will win on Wednesday night, and they will head to the finals where they will compete with the other two finalists, Firefly and Ringmaster.

That means this season of The Masked Singer is racing to an end and there are only a couple of weeks left to watch what was the fastest-growing reality competition series of 2021.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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