The Masked Singer accidentally reveals who is under Firefly costume on social media

Firefly performing on The Masked Singer
Firefly performing on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer often promotes big things coming up on social media, but this week, whoever ran the account made a huge mistake.

This season of the hit reality show was pre-recorded and the episodes are not necessarily airing in the order they were taped.

For example, an early unmasking leaked online when it turned out to be a controversial political figure, and that episode has yet to air.

However, in the case of this week’s leak, it was a singer who is already in the finale.

Someone on The Masked Singer’s Twitter account accidentally leaked the identity of Firefly.

Spoilers follow on the identity of Firefly on The Masked Singer.

Firefly identity leaked on Twitter

The Masked Singer’s Twitter account accidentally leaked who was under the Firefly costume on the show.

A fan saw it and screenshotted the image before the show’s Twitter account deleted the tweet.

In the since-deleted tweet, the fan showed the screenshotted tweet and wrote “Not The Masked Singer accidentally revealing firefly.”

They also reportedly included a screenshot of a YouTube video that talked about Firefly being eliminated.

It read, “Watch her full reveal interview about her time on #TheMaskedSinger on our Facebook page.”

The YouTube video was also deleted, but not before it received 660 views and 85 likes.

So, who was behind the costume on The Masked Singer?

It looks like our guesses were right, and it was Teyana Taylor.

The Masked Singer clues line up with the reveal

We predicted last week that Firefly on The Masked Singer was Teyana Taylor.

The clues all lined up.

There was a photo of Tyler Perry, and Taylor was in Madea’s Big Happy Family in 2011.

There was a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Taylor was born in Harlem in New York City. There was also a playbill from the Apollo Theater. In 2008, she appeared in Its Showtime at the Apollo.

There was also a photo of Pharrell Williams, and she said he was a key in her career. When Taylor was 16, she signed a deal with Pharrell’s label.

A third photo was of Kanye West. In 2012, Taylor signed with Kanye’s GOOD Music label through Def Jam.

There was a fire alarm and Taylor was the choreographer for Beyonce’s Ring the Alarm music video.

Firefly won’t be back until the finale, but it looks like we were right on her identity, and it also sounds like she might not end up winning The Masked Singer this season.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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2 years ago

When she walked off stage right at first was not that cool.
Poor sportsmanship!