The Golden Bachelor teases first look at new leading man

Golden Bachelor
A new spin-off brings seniors to Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: ABC

ABC will “showcase a whole new kind of love story” with The Golden Bachelor.

The spin-off of The Bachelor features “seniors looking for love,” and it will offer something new to reality television.

Contestants will vie for the attention of an older gentleman who is now being teased by the network.

The Golden Bachelor doesn’t premiere until the fall, but the producers are ready to create some early buzz.

On July 17, Good Morning America plans to introduce the new bachelor to the world.

But an early tease came out that gives a small look at the man who will be wooing women this fall.

The star of The Golden Bachelor gets teased

“Talk about a cheeky first look 😏 #TheGoldenBachelor will be revealed TOMORROW,” reads a new post.

This advertisement was shared on Instagram.

A photo of the mystery man is shared below, but it only reveals a glimpse of him from behind. He is also holding (as expected) a golden rose.

The photo also appears to depict a hearing aid in his right ear.

“It’s never too late to fall in love… again,” reads the tagline for the new show.

A teaser video for The Golden Bachelor

Below is another advertisement that ABC released for The Golden Bachelor.

In a brief video clip, a woman narrates as Marvin Gay music plays in the background.

“On July 17th, the Golden Bachelor will be revealed,” she says.

“For mature audiences only. 💋 #TheGoldenBachelor will be revealed Monday, July 17,” reads the caption.

From red roses to gold roses on The Bachelor

Music is a big part of the presentation for this new version of The Bachelor, and it’s no surprise that classic songs are being used in advertisements.

For the Instagram post shared below, The Bachelor tapped into This Magic Moment from Ben E King and The Drifters.

It’s a perfect choice for the video depicting a red rose becoming covered in gold.

“Looking to the future with rose gold lenses. The first ever Golden Bachelor will be revealed this Monday. 🌹,” reads the caption.

The Golden Bachelor comes to ABC

It has been rumored that Jesse Palmer will host The Golden Bachelor. He has become the face of the franchise following Chris Harrison’s exit.

Jesse is also the host of Bachelor in Paradise, which returns to ABC this summer.

Early rumors about the singles heading to Mexico have already begun.

The Golden Bachelor airs Monday at 10/9c on ABC this fall.

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