Bachelor in Paradise rumors: Is Blake Moynes headed to Mexico for another chance at love?

Blake Moynes on The Bachelorette
Blake Moynes is rumored to be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast. Pic credit: ABC

Will the fourth time be the charm for Blake Moynes?

Blake has already tried to find love with three different Bachelorette leads and even won Katie Thurston’s season, only to find himself single again after she dumped him and moved on with John Hersey.

For Bachelor Nation, Blake just might be the gift that keeps on giving, especially if he ends up in Mexico for a season of Bachelor in Paradise, an idea that isn’t too far-fetched.

With some singles already headed to the beach to film, BIP rumors are heating up about who is going, who is not, and who might surprise everyone and show up late to shake things up.

The latter is something Blake is quite good at, as we saw with his arrival on Season 17 with Katie.

And with Blake’s penchant for dating Bachelor Nation babes, we’re not crossing him off the list for Bachelor in Paradise, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up late and stirs things up — again.

Latest Bachelor in Paradise rumors claim Blake Moynes may head to Mexico

Ok, so truth time, the Blake Moynes rumor is a bit thin, but we’re still here for it.

It stems from a tweet by reality TV blogger @zacharyreality, who wrote, “They’re [sic] is rumors Blake MOYNES is returning for #bachelorinparadise what do you guys think?”

We certainly have thoughts about Blake’s possible return to Bachelor Nation, and many others did too.

Tweets about Blake Moynes and BIP
Pic credit: @zacharyreality/Twitter

One Blake fan is hoping the Bachelor in Paradise rumors are true, writing, “I’m literally so obsessed with him PLEASE.”

Another fan of Bachelor Nation wasn’t nearly as impressed, tweeting that he “needs to pack it up.”

As you can see, the comments section was a mixed bag of viewers who do and don’t want to see Blake try to find love again with some even wondering if he’s really there for the right reasons.

Tweets about Blake Moynes and BIP
Pic credit: @zacharyreality/Twitter

Blake Moynes’ history on The Bachelorette

Bachelor Nation met Blake Moynes on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ split season of The Bachelorette. When he first showed up, he was sure Clare was the one but clearly, she wasn’t because she quickly left the show, certain of her love for Dale Moss instead.

We all know that didn’t last long, and after a tumultuous relationship post-Bachelorette, the pair split. Clare recently married her new man, Ryan Dawkins, again proving she was not the one for Blake.

Undeterred by Clare’s rejection, Blake stuck around when Tayshia Adams showed up, again sure she was the one. She wasn’t.

Instead, Tayshia sent Blake home in week 8 and went on to get engaged to season winner Zac Clark. That relationship also wasn’t successful. Tayshia and Zac called it quits in November 2021.

Blake is nothing if not relentless, though, and he came back again for Katie Thurston’s season, crashing the show at week 5 to let Katie know that he was sure she was the one for him this time.

And while he won that season, ultimately asking Katie to be his wife, it was short-lived. Blake and Katie admitted that they stayed together for six months, eventually calling it quits as she went on to date another man from her season instead.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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