The Family Chantel: Winter Everett strikes a ‘brilliant’ pose in denim shorts and ruffled top

Winter Everett
Winter Everett struck a “brilliant” pose for The Family Chantel fans in a cute outfit. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel alum Winter Everett loves to promote body positivity, and her confidence in her skin was on display in a recent picture.

The 27-year-old little sister of Chantel Everett wore high-waisted shorts and a ruffly top as she struck a pose accentuating her curves.

She encouraged her following to “Be Brilliant!” Winter likes to drop motivations or words of affirmation to her followers in her posts.

Winter has been on a weight loss journey, revealing on Season 4 of The Family Chantel that she had lost over 100 pounds since having bariatric surgery in Mexico at the beginning of this season.

Winter seems to be striving to keep her fitness goals in mind, as a video of her and Chantel working out together has been shared.

Winter talked about hitting a plateau in her weight loss on the show, and it is unclear whether she’s pushed past that.

Winter Everett stunned in cute and ‘brilliant’ outfit shared with The Family Chantel fans

Winter used her Instagram page to post a photo wearing denim button-up shorts with a white shirt accented in ruffles tucked in.

She posed with her hands on her hips and one leg slightly crossed in front of the other.

Winter Everett's Instagram post
Pic credit: @winterckyler/Instagram

She wore her box braids down, and they cascaded down her back and over one shoulder.

Winter had a stoic but fierce look on her face as she captioned the photo saying, “Be brilliant!”

Winter Everett has hit the dating scene on The Family Chantel

Winter ended her relationship with her ex-fiance of seven years, Jah, on Season 3 of The Family Chantel.

Now, on Season 4, Winter is making up for lost time and hitting the dating scene hard.

Early on in the season, she was enamored with a Nigerian man but broke things off after he asked her to buy him a cell phone.

Winter has since gone on several dates with men she met on a Christian dating site around the Atlanta area where she lives.

The first two didn’t pique her interest enough, but her date on the latest episode was still intriguing to her even though he had three kids.

Winter is hopeful and stated that she wants love and is willing to look past some red flags she established for herself.

The Family Chantel airs Monday nights at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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linda Pratt
linda Pratt
1 year ago

Winter you look very nice. Keep up the good job.