The Family Chantel spoilers: Chantel Everett pops up on Pedro Jimeno and his work friends

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno is not happy when Chantel Everett pops up on his night out.
Chantel Everett pops up on Pedro Jimeno. Pic credit: TLC

Things are about to take a tense and awkward turn on the upcoming episode of The Family Chantel. Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett’s rocky marriage has been playing out on the show all season, and there’s a lot more to come.

The couple–who are now in the midst of a tumultuous divorce–has been going through their marital issues for quite some time. However, Season 4 cast new light on their relationship, and we’re now seeing all the things that led to their split.

The pair officially parted ways in April, and on May 27, Pedro filed for divorce from his wife. They also took out restraining orders against each other.

Most recently, Chantel responded to Pedro’s divorce filing and agreed their marriage is beyond repair. The 31-year-old also accused her estranged husband of adultery as well as domestic abuse. So far, Pedro has not responded to those claims.

Chantel Everett pops up on Pedro Jimeno and his work friends

Get ready for an awkward interaction between the couple in the upcoming episode of The Family Chantel, with Pedro’s work friends caught in the middle.

One point of contention for Chantel is that Pedro, who is now a real estate agent, spends more time with his work friends than with her. One coworker, in particular, has been at the center of the couple’s arguments after Chantel pointed out highly suspicious behavior between the woman and Pedro.

However, since Pedro has been keeping Chantel from his work friends, she decided to pop up while they were out having drinks.

In the clip shared by Us Weekly, Chantel walked in, and the look on Pedro’s face was pure shock as his coworkers awkwardly stared at Chantel.

“She told me that she want to come hang out with us, to go to drink. I say, ‘OK, you coming.’ But I never believed she was going to come drink with us for real,” Pedro admitted. “I’m a little nervous that this could go wrong.”

Pedro Jimeno questions Chantel Everett’s motives

The Family Chantel star continued to dish about Chantel’s surprise pop-up and noted that he doesn’t trust her motives.

“She can say that she tried to come and make an effort but I don’t believe that she coming to make an effort,” said Pedro.

Things got even more uncomfortable after Chantel asked Pedro to introduce her to his friends, and he refused to do so, saying she already knew them.

The Dominican native claimed that Chantel walked into the room with an “attitude,” and that triggered him.

“These are the people that you’ve been talking s**t [about], that you say I’ve been spending time, that I’ve been cheating. Those are the people and you don’t know them?” reasoned Pedro in his confessional.

“That take me out of the mood right away,” he added.

You can watch the full scene play out when the new episode airs on Monday.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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1 year ago

Most of those 90 dayers use these american Girls who are desperate to be on tv for green card. Im not surprise my favorit Chantel got caught up in this, sh is too inteligente beautiful
for this crap.

1 year ago

Chantelle-Pedro co-workers’ confrontation: Does one really go to a bar and lay bare all that is going wrong in your marriage to a bunch of almost ex’s follow employees? I do not have the words to adequately describe everything that is wrong about this event. Chantelle, intelligent? I think not. Anyone is sense would not do something like this. Lord, I am going to just stop. I wish Pedro well. I will look forward to the day when he does not have Chantelle sticking her fingers in her face while she is talking,