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The Family Chantel spoilers: Chantel confronts husband Pedro about his ‘highly suspect’ behavior

Chantel confronts Pedro about his suspicious behavior
Chantel confronts Pedro about his highly suspicious behavior. Pic credit: @pedrojosejrjimeno/Instagram/TLC

Chantel Everett, star of The Family Chantel, has finally worked up the courage to confront her husband Pedro about her suspicions of his infidelity. 

Chantel and Pedro have been bickering back and forth in recent episodes; however, in this exclusive sneak peek clip, Chantel lets Pedro know what is on her mind. 

Chantel confronts Pedro about suspicions he is being unfaithful

In a sneak peek clip of The Family Chantel, Chantel finally confronts Pedro about her suspicions of him being unfaithful to her. 

Chantel started the conversation off by letting Pedro know that she felt like Pedro was starting to act just like his father. 

Chantel said, “You’re acting just like the people who you say that you’re different from. I should have paid a lot more attention to where you came from because you’re just like them.” 

Chantel then told Pedro that even though he wanted to be nothing like his father, he was just like him. 

In a confessional, Chantel said, “it seems like Pedro is starting to follow in the same footsteps of his father. He’s treating me poorly, just like his father treated his wife and his mistress.”

After Pedro walked away from the conversation, Chantel followed him upstairs and told him that she was convinced there was nothing else she could do to make him feel differently about her. 

Chantel believes that Pedro is no longer in love with her and no longer wants to be with her. 

She said, “I’m convinced that there is nothing that I can do to change your mind about me. You don’t like me, I’m repulsive to you, and apparently, you don’t love me.” 

Although Pedro continued to try and deny the allegations that he was no longer attracted to Chantel and did not love her, his demeanor was very standoffish. 

Chantel brought up an instance where Pedro came home with another woman’s name strapped to his keys, and Pedro tried to make light of the situation by giving a long-winded reason for it, saying that it stemmed from a game he was playing in the office with his co-workers. 

Chantel thought the game was “unusual and highly suspect.” 

Chantel also mentioned an instance when Pedro came home at three o’clock in the morning without his car and how she did not know how he got home and how his car got back home the next day. 

Chantel and Pedro haven’t had the smoothest relationship

In prior episodes, it was prevalent that Chantel and Pedro’s relationship was already on the rocks. 

Chantel had mentioned that she started to see a change in Pedro after he got his real estate license and started going to work, as he would spend a lot of time with his co-workers and less time at home with Chantel. 

Pedro had become more distant and stopped dreaming about their future together

Is the once loving relationship that Chantel and Pedro had while Chantel was still in school and before they brought their first home together now gone? Only time will tell if the two will be able to get their spark back. 

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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