The Family Chantel recap: The blame game

Pedro and Chantel sit in the car
Pedro and Chantel’s life with their families was put on blast. Pic credit: TLC

With a lot of tumultuous history and bad feelings, Pedro and Chantel’s family have a lot to unravel with each other on The Family Chantel.

Winter’s relationship with Jah and Jah’s rocky relationship with the family was highlighted. Pedro and Chantal’s house hunt and Pedro’s relationship with his father and his father’s other family were also featured.

Nicole’s breast augmentation surgery took place and her mom and boyfriend Alejandro had mixed reactions.

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There were some stressors on The Family Chantel this week

Jah got grilled by Winter’s family about his lies and omissions about having a second child and he was not forthcoming with information leading to more mistrust from the family.

When Chantel and Winter met up to exercise, Winter told Chantel that Jah proposed when she was 18 or 19 shortly after they started dating.

That intel made Chantel very suspicious of Jah’s intentions and made her wonder if he was ever going to tell her about his other child.

Jah and Winter
Jah and Winter’s presence at Chantel’s graduation party did not have their desired effect. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole and Alejandro got into a big fight when she was recovering from her breast augmentation surgery. Alejandro did not want Nicole to get the surgery because he does not like plastic women and he took it as a personal offense.

Some people are trying to get on the same page on The Family Chantel

Pedro and his mom spoke about their mutual disdain for Alejandro and Pedro said that he would meet up and question him when he goes to New York to renew his passport.

Pedro and Lidia both agreed that Nicole should have the surgery to make herself look and feel better.

Pedro talking with Lidia
Pedro and his mom talked about Nicole’s surgery and her relationship with Alejandro. Pic credit: TLC

Karen introduced the family’s new dog and tried to get information out of River about whether he has a lady in his life but River shut her question down. Privately, River talked about having a girlfriend and how he wants to introduce her at the right time after learning from his siblings’ relationships.

Pedro and Chantel saw a house with their realtor and while Chantel didn’t like it Pedro thought the basement was perfect for his man cave and to house his mom and sister when they eventually immigrate to America. Chantel hates the idea and says she knows she needs to have a healthy relationship with Pedro’s family but that she won’t live with them.

On the way home from the showing, Pedro said that he wants to see his cousin when he goes to New York and Chantel didn’t know he had a cousin. Pedro talked about how his dad left him, his sister, and his mom and that they struggled immensely without him.

Pedro said his dad had an entire other family and he wants to get answers from them.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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