The Family Chantel: Pedro wants to make Chantel happy but his driving skills really should have her scared

pedro jimeno learns to drive
Pedro Jimeno wants his driver’s license. Pic credit: TLC

Get off the road because Pedro Jimeno is learning to drive!

Chantell Everett’s husband is 29 years old and he’s just now learning how to drive. And while he thinks he’s making his wife happy because he won’t be asking for rides anymore, it’s pretty clear that he has a lot of learning to do.

Pedro wants his independence

In the latest sneak peek for tonight’s episode of The Family Chantel, Pedro is taking driving lessons.

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He explains that, after four years of living in the U.S., he still hasn’t bothered to get a driver’s license. He gets around by either calling a taxi or asking Chantel for a ride.

Pedro thinks that getting his driver’s license will make his wife happy because he won’t be forced to ask her for a ride whenever he wants to go somewhere.

And while we can already see this turning into a “where is Pedro sneaking off to” storyline, that’s not the biggest cause for concern right now.

Chantel should be worried for Pedro’s safety when he’s behind the wheel

Clearly, Pedro Jimeno wasn’t driving even before he came to the U.S., or, if he was, he just wasn’t very good at it.

In the clip, the driving instructor looks tense as Pedro takes the wheel. And if we’re being honest, Pedro looks pretty terrified too.

When Pedro backs the car up in an empty parking lot, he uses both the horn and the turn signal. He’s clearly not an experienced driver by any means.

So when the driving instructor tells Pedro that it’s time to get on the road, it’s a cause for alarm.

Pedro crawls onto the roadway, about to have a panic attack as cars fly past. And when he starts to drift across the lane, a quick steering wheel jerk gets him reprimanded.

It doesn’t look like TLC is trying to overdramatize Pedro’s lack of driving skills either. Because in the confessional, the driving instructor said, “If I had to rate Pedro on a scale from zero to ten, he’s a three.”

Pedro and Chantel live in Atlanta, where the traffic can be nasty. If he’s driving at a three out of ten, Chantel might want to just keep giving her husband a ride.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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