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The Curse of Oak Island Season 8: Will it happen and when is it likely to air?

The Lagina brothers of Oak Island
Rick and Marty Lagina have been working on Oak Island for seven seasons now, and show no signs of slowing down. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island aired the finale to season 7 last night, and with so many questions left unanswered, it left many fans believing there has to be another season with our favorite intrepid treasure hunters.

The final episode showed the team shut down the digging for the elusive Money Pit. The disappointment was etched on their faces as they accepted defeat for another season.

However, what followed was a very positive and uplifting episode. As the team sat down with a collection of artifacts discovered over the previous seven seasons, and the guys, one by one, reaffirmed their desire to keep working on the island.

Therefore it’s clear the cast wants another season.

Gary Drayton said, “I’m not leaving,” and the others all echoed his sentiments profusely. Despite Marty Lagina‘s concerns over costs of continued digging, he seemed happy to stay with it too.

There has been no official confirmation from the History Channel that there will be a season 8 on the island, but that’s not unusual at this stage, and the omens are really good.

So will there be a season 8 of The Curse of Oak Island?

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is it’s highly likely there will be an eighth season involving the Fellowship of the Dig, but the bad news is it’s also highly likely that we might have to wait a long time.

The show has begun airing on the History channel every November for the past six years, usually just as the guys wrap up digging and filming before the onset of the harsh Nova Scotian winter.

Coronavirus will probably delay season 8 of The Curse of Oak Island

Season 7 began on November 5, 2019, following several specials aired in the run-up in October.

However, this year TV production has been stalled or canceled right across the globe as we all try to get a grip on the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s highly likely that season eight will be postponed until 2021.

The outdoor nature of the work done on the island means it’s very seasonal with little done during the winter months, this combined with the virus could lead to a lengthy delay for the next season.

However, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that the guys will ever leave that island until they’ve located that treasure, so fingers crossed the History Channel continues to broadcast their endeavors.

The Curse of Oak Island is currently on hiatus.

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  1. Sadly I kinda think that 10s of millions of dollars and another three years, will see the end of this search. I cannot see a season 8. Regardless of the optimism of the season 7 finale. Oak island has bankrupted many. The Laginas are smart guys. They and their backers will have accessed the huge financial risk, and may have concluded, that they have added enough, to the saga. Hey we all want the mystery solved. But I for one, would hate to see these nice guys, and their mates, busted chasing a project, that may never have a conclusion.

  2. I think Marty knows what he’s doing financially. I assume the TV show has been bankrolling the hunt for the most part. They have no financial reason to quit as long as we keep watching and sponsors keep buying ads.

  3. Yeah, I do not think it will be back for a traditional type of “Season” thing we saw before. If there is a treasure and it moved underground, trying to find the money pit is a waste of time now. I do think they will try to get a lot of money from the history channel and other places and maybe in two years do a “big dig” in one last hurrah to find it.

  4. At the start of season 7, I recall seeing an OI commercial with Marty exclaiming something along the lines of, “There are stairs down here.” That led me to believe an underground chamber had been found. I watched every episode and never heard those words again. What did I miss?

  5. Guys just be well I will wait, gives me more time to think what you will find next back to the swamp find that ship and get in the eye something in that hole

  6. It would be a shame not to see a Season 7. With so much garbage TV out there, this is one show that’s true to history and all that is behind it, making it very entertaining regardless of whether they ever find treasure or not. With today’s technology, I don’t understand why the Lugana’s haven’t yet undertaken one great big dig, but then again I have no idea what that might cost. After investing so many millions of dollars thus far though, why should a few more (millions), matter? It’s called being “all in”!

  7. Let’s hope that the History Channel finds a new audio engineer. Reducing the sound volume by half, and then overlaying it with a music channel doesn’t encourage subscribers. I would like to follow the show, but…

  8. I want them to see it through to the end to find out who hid the treasure but i think realistically if there is still treasure down there most of it got destroyed and scattered in the flood tunnels and is probably buried in the mud and silt. They would have to go all out and dig like they were making the foundation for a skyscraper instead of a 8 foot hole. But i doubt what they find would make up for the cost but it would cement their legacy.

  9. This is the only show that is worth watching. I’ll still go on hoping they strike it big and it will be a big
    surprise to all the doubters. Good Luck to the 8th season and I hope it ends with a great big trunk of treasure.

  10. I can’t wait for Curse of Oak Island to begin. After everything that is happening and continues to happen during this time this is a breath of fresh air to watch. I enjoy both the search and hope that the Laginas brother’s and team find the history of what happened on Oak Island and also the treasure and proof that something big happened there. Good luck on your search for answers. I enjoy this show immensely.

  11. I would hope they would look into Nuclear Magnetic Resonance by satellite like they did on the Lost gold of wwii where they were allegedly were able to detect large quantities of metal 300 feet below the surface.


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