The Curse of Oak Island preview: Team doubles down on efforts to reveal secret of the swamp

Marty Lagina of Oak Island in a digger
Marty Lagina is focused on digging up those flood tunnels on The Curse of Oak Island this week. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, as Rick Lagina suggests, the guys are hoping to finally see a tunnel “connecting Smith’s Cove with the Money Pit.” However, we can also expect another switch of focus as the guys continue their efforts to unlock the mysteries held within the swamp.

On the last episode, the big news surrounded the discovery of coconut fiber. The legends are full of stories of previous searchers discovering the material, which is thought to have been used as a filter for the box drains.

That means it is an integral part of the supposed booby trap that keeps water in the flood tunnels and prevents treasure-hunters from accessing the Money Pit.

It also means that this is part of an original structure and that the guys are closer than ever to finding a way to shut off that apparent trap. The flood tunnels have remained stubbornly elusive up to now.

In previews for this week’s episode, Jack Begley shouts, “the water is squirting up, it’s fricking awesome,” so it sounds like they may well have have hit a flood tunnel. Jack continues by exclaiming, “wow! The whole edge is about to go,” before Marty adds, “this is getting kinda dangerous.”

It looks like fans are certainly in for some hair-raising moments as the guys dig away at the island’s secret. Perhaps the island is fighting back.

The swamp remains super important

History’s official description for this episode, titled Water Logged, reveals, “The fellowship of the dig doubles down on their efforts in the swamp and discovers that it might hold the key to solving the entire Oak Island mystery.”

The swamp has been bubbling away in importance this season, and with the marshland now drained, they keep finding old artifacts that it’s believed could only be connected with a sailing ship from approximately 1650 – 1800, or as Gary pointed out “a time when pirates roamed the seas.”

Last week they found a pike pole, and the previous week they found a bracket, both items that expert blacksmith Carmen Legge said were probably from an old ship. Given that there’s a ship-shaped anomaly buried in the swamp, this is all pointing to a vessel being buried there. The question is, did the ship owners get the treasure unloaded before it sank?

We can presume the guys won’t be giving up on this anytime soon, and the network’s description suggests we can expect more digging and more finds in the swamp this week.

Alex Lagina has found something pre-1840s

In the preview, we also see Alex Lagina in a white lab coat sitting in front of an expert, who says confidently, “it’s likely pre-1840s.” Whatever the item is, it sounds like it comes from either one of the early searchers or perhaps is original work.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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