The Curse of Oak Island: New discovery suggests flood tunnels weren’t only traps on island

Gray Drayton and Alex Lagina on Oak Island
Have Gary Drayton and Alex Lagina found evidence of more booby traps on Oak Island? Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, we can expect to find the team have regrouped after last week’s disappointment and are now in search of Shaft 6, which they hope will lead them to the Money Pit.

Last week there was a real downer after the deep drilling at the OC1 site failed to reveal much evidence of the Money Pit. However, never to be too discouraged, the guys had a hunt through Dan Blankenship’s old notes and decided that locating Shaft 6 would represent their best shot at finding it.

Will Shaft 6 reveal the Money Pit?

In the preview for this week’s episode, Rick Lagina says, “if we could find Shaft 6, we could find the Money Pit.” So expect the guys to recommence deep drilling with plenty of gusto.

The digger appears to be bringing up plenty of wood, which equals more undiscovered tunnels and shafts, any of which could potentially lead to a hoard of buried treasure. Metal detectorist Gary Drayton sums it up when he says, “What we need to see is wood… and then treasure.”

The episode description hints at the guys getting closer to the Money Pit, as they must do with every passing episode, but the blurb also hints at more problems in the form of more booby traps.

“While the brotherhood gets closer than ever to the original Money Pit, new discoveries suggest the flood tunnels were not the only traps set to thwart searchers.”

Has Gary Drayton found another booby trap?

Gary Drayton is at it again with his metal detector, and him and Alex Lagina appear to have found some spikes this week. Gary thinks they’re the same size as the cribbing spikes previously found at Smith’s Cove.

Spike found on Oak Island
Metal detectorist Gary Drayton has found an intriguing spike. Pic credit: History

It seems like the guys took them to expert blacksmith Carmen Legge, who can be seen in the preview holding some up, explaining, “these were placed as booby traps.”

If these spikes are indeed part of a booby trap, it looks much more sinister than the flood tunnels.

Potential booby trap on Oak Island
That is one nasty looking booby trap. Pic credit: History

The flood tunnels have proved to be a seriously effective method in keeping would-be treasure hunters out of what is thought to be the Money Pit.

The guys need more traps like they need a hole in the head, so let’s hope they can work around these new obstacles.

New episodes of The Curse of Oak Island air 9/8c on History.

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