The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann apologizes to All Stars 3 castmate, says his comments ‘crossed the line’

wes bergmann in the challenge all stars 3 episode 8
Wes Bergmann at The Arena during The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 8. Pic credit: Paramount+

The competition becomes quite intense on The Challenge and its All Stars spinoff when it comes to cast members trash-talking one other. Some of it’s considered entertaining, although sometimes fans feel it goes too far.

That may have been the case for Wes Bergmann, as he recently apologized to one of his castmates for things he said to them that made it onto the final cut of the recent episode.

This report will contain The Challenge: All Stars 3 spoilers, through Episode 8, including the competitors’ names in elimination.

Wes tried to psych up castmate for All Stars 3 elimination

During All Stars 3, Episode 8, Wes Bergmann spoke about how his former Real World: Austin castmate, Nehemiah Clark, is his best ally in the game, as they’ve had a close friendship that’s lasted two decades.

That came into play later in the episode, as Wes and Nehemiah faced a potential elimination against The Authority’s pick, Derrick Kosinski.

For Wes, it could’ve been an epic rematch between him and Derrick, as the event involved wrestling a pole away from your opponent and lighting its end on fire in a cauldron. Wes and Derrick previously battled in Pole Wrestle on The Duel II season (below), with Wes defeating Derrick in quite a battle.

Instead of going for the rematch, Derrick called out his more recent rival, Nehemiah, with whom he’s had verbal spats during All Stars’ first two seasons.

“Although I’d like to f***ing kick Wes’ a**, I have to think about my family,” Derrick said before making his choice. “In Season 1, we did the damn thing. Season Two, you did the damn thing. In Season 3, we’re gonna do the trilogy, and we’re gonna do it in The Arena. Let’s go, Nehemiah.”

As Nehemiah made his way towards the steps to get the ground level, Wes stepped up to him and began saying things to get him revved up for the big event.

“F**k him up. F**k him up,” Wes said quietly to Nehemiah before saying louder, “F**k him up. He’s not gonna have a f**king family to go back to. F**k him up.”

As the elimination event started, Wes yelled more comments to motivate Nehemiah. However, it was more advice and support rather than the same curse-filled comments from before. Castmate Nia Moore also yelled some support for Nehemiah, suggesting to “break his s**t.”

Wes issues apology to OG castmate

Following the episode’s arrival to Paramount Plus on Wednesday, there may have been some backlash towards Wes for the comments he made about Derrick and his family.

Taking to Twitter, the two-time Challenge champion said, “Public mistakes require public apologies,” as he tweeted an apology, tagging Derrick.

“I thought I was going in & adrenaline was pumping – but I believe that particular series of s**t talking crossed the line and I’m sorry to him and his family,” Wes said.

wes bergmann tweets apology to all stars 3 castmate
Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

At least one of Wes’ other All Stars 3 castmates, Laterrian Wallace, showed support after the public apology, suggesting he understands “what that elimination brings out of men.”

For reference, Latterian competed in different Pole Wrestles for eliminations during All Stars 1 and All Stars 2, winning both and sending both opponents home with injuries.

lateriann wallace replies wes bergmann all stars 3 apology
Pic credit: @latwall/Twitter

Wes entered just one elimination during his All Stars 3 season, defeating rival Yes Duffy. Upon winning an elimination in All Stars 3, the winner receives stars, with TJ Lavin saying they hold great power in the game. As of this report, it’s unknown exactly what the stars will mean for competitors.

With that, Wes was hoping for another opportunity at grabbing additional stars by defeating Derrick in Episode 8. However, instead of sending Wes in, Mark Long and Jonna Mannion opted to let Derrick choose his opponent.

Derrick mentioned that he’d been on a collision course for 16 years with Wes based on the previous loss to him on The Duel II. However, he opted for Nehemiah as the “easier” pick ahead of TJ Lavin’s final.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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