The Challenge’s Ravyn Rochelle reveals which castmates she wants to win Season 39

ravyn rochelle from the challenge battle for a new champion confessional interview
Ravyn Rochelle appeared in her second season of The Challenge with Battle For a New Champion. Pic credit: MTV

Ravyn Rochelle exited The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion sooner than she hoped, but she’s rooting for a few castmates to win it all.

Viewers saw Ravyn become an early target for several cast members in MTV’s Season 39, sending her into several eliminations.

However, she proved herself a worthy competitor, first eliminating main cast member Sofia “Jujuy” Jimenez and later defeating returning champion Laurel Stucky at The Arena.

Unfortunately, Ravyn’s time on The Challenge ended with a purge, where the competitor in each Conquest daily challenge with the worst time score was instantly eliminated.

With that, she bid an early farewell to her castmates, including Nurys Mateo, who became a good friend after their Ride or Dies drama.

She recently launched a new YouTube channel after revealing her original channel had been hacked and she could no longer access it. In her first video, she answered fan questions, including who she would like to see win the season.

Ravyn reveals which castmates she wants to win Season 39

Based on her Season 39 story, it’s probably no surprise that Ravyn is rooting for the castmates she struck up friendships with while filming.

“I’m rooting for Nurys,” she revealed while answering fan questions for her first video on her new YouTube channel.

“And I’m kind of rooting for Corey [Lay], even though we got into it, that’s my brother,” she shared, adding, “I’d really like to see Corey win [and] come out on top because I know he had a hard game just like I did, and he’s just trying to survive.”

Season 39 marked the first time Ravyn was castmates with Corey, who previously appeared as a rookie in Spies, Lies & Allies. During that season, Corey became friends with Survivor winner and fellow rookie Michele Fitzgerald.

During Season 39, viewers saw Ravyn win one of the daily challenges when she was teamed up with Corey. The duo grabbed the victory in Episode 5’s Upside Down Whirled challenge.

Ravyn grabbed another team victory in Episode 9 when teaming up with Zara Zoffany and Asaf Goren for the Doom Sticks daily challenge.

Ravyn became friends with Nurys after their Ride or Dies drama

As often seen on The Challenge, even castmates who seem to become instant rivals can later become good friends. It’s happened several times in previous seasons, including Johnny Bananas putting differences aside to work with former rivals Wes Bergmann and Devin Walker.

In Ride or Dies, Ravyn entered the game as Love Island star Johnny Middlebrook’s ride-or-die teammate. However, she felt slighted by her partner as he was more interested in a showmance with castmate Nurys.

That caused drama, as there seemed to be a love triangle, which led to a clash during the season and later at the Ride or Dies reunion.

However, viewers saw things change with Battle For a New Champion, and based on social media shares, Ravyn and Nurys are good friends now. She explained how they worked things out during her YouTube video.

She said she and Nurys made up when they realized “Johnny was a waste of their time to not like each other.”

“I don’t ever like to not be cool with a woman over a woman, especially when…he was never mine to begin with, and that took me a while to realize,” Ravyn shared.

She explained it was the emotional connection she wanted to share with Johnny while on her first-ever reality TV show. However, he wasn’t there for her in that capacity due to his showmance.

Viewers ultimately saw them eliminated by fellow rookies Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez in a modified version of Hall Brawl.

Ravyn said she and Nurys hadn’t spoken until they were together filming Season 39 together. She shared that they’d squashed their drama and decided to work together, becoming friends during the filming.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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