The Challenge’s Nelson Thomas admits ‘mistake’ he made, says he’s refunded GoFundMe donations after car crash

nelson thomas face shot from the challenge season 38
Nelson Thomas during The Challenge: Ride or Dies season on MTV. Pic credit: MTV

As a new year arrives, former The Challenge finalist Nelson Thomas says he’s ready to embrace his “second chance” at life following his terrifying car wreck months ago.

In a lengthy update to friends, fans, and followers, he admitted the “mistake” he made involving “drinking and driving,” which led to his accident.

He also indicated he planned not to let his past define him and use his story to inspire others.

Nelson also indicated that he refunded GoFundMe donations to those who requested and had previously sent funds to assist with his medical bills.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Nelson was in a single-car crash in Texas in March 2023, with his car discovered on fire by individuals passing by on the same roadway.

It led to a lengthy hospitalization due to severe injuries, including a badly hurt ankle, which Nelson is continuing to recover from following multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, and rehabilitation.

He recently opened up about that life-changing accident and let others know his plan to embrace a second chance as he moves forward.

Nelson shares an update about his second chance and moving forward

On New Year’s Eve, Nelson shared an Instagram photo of himself, back turned to the camera as he looked at a beautiful water scene in Austin, Texas.

His injured ankle was visible in the photo on a device he’s previously shown that he uses to make it easier to be mobile while not putting stress on his ankle as it heals.

In his caption, he explained how his life took a “transformative turn” following his March crash and how he is embracing his second chance at life.

“I’ve reached a point of self-forgiveness, ready to step into the light and not let my past define me. I’ve been granted a second chance, and I’m committed to living it to the fullest,” he said, adding, “I aim to inspire by sharing my story, emphasizing the importance of not drinking and driving.”

Nelson said his typical Sunday turned “life-altering” and acknowledged the consequences on his life due to his poor decision.

“Today, I openly admit my imperfections and the mistake I made. I’ve found closure with the legal aspects and won’t carry this burden into 2024. I extend my gratitude to friends, a supportive community, and those who generously contributed during my challenging times,” he said.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about Nelson’s DWI arrest months after his crash due to a blood alcohol test determining he was over the legal limit for driving.

Nelson said he’s refunded GoFundMe donations

Nelson also explained his GoFundMe campaign was set up by a friend who hadn’t known about his situation beyond his hospitalization. The Challenge star indicated he “withheld” that info from his friend and others “due to legal considerations.”

He indicated that he’d refunded donated funds to all who had requested it from him.

“Those who requested a refund have received it. Thank you to those who contributed, and I appreciate the ongoing prayers. Now, it’s time for self-compassion, leaving behind suffering and embracing this second chance at life,” he wrote, closing his post with “#forgiveness” and “2ndchance” among his hashtags.

As of this writing, Nelson’s GoFundMe was still active on the platform, with “$58,678 raised of $200,000 goal” shown in the campaign status. The most recent donations made were shown to have occurred two months ago.

Per The Ashley Reality Roundup, Nelson is scheduled to appear in court on January 8 in Texas for a pre-trial hearing related to his DWI charge.

He last appeared in The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount+, a spinoff of MTV’s long-running competition show that he appeared in for multiple seasons.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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