The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky calls out castmate as ‘easily manipulated by producers’

laurel stucky face shot from the challenge all stars 4
Laurel Stucky blasted several of her castmates from The Challenge: All Stars 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky didn’t hold back with her opinions about several castmates from her latest season of the competition series.

She currently appears on All Stars 4, a spinoff of MTV’s show that airs on Paramount+ and includes her ex, Nicole Zanatta, and friend-turned-rival, Cara Maria Sorbello.

Laurel and Nicole rekindling their romantic feelings while playing a game to win $250,000 has been a storyline throughout the season.

Some castmates said they felt it blinded Laurel to that goal of winning the final to take home the prize money. The former show winner has since called one a “fairweather friend” as the season’s episodes aired.

As with other seasons, Challengers make interesting remarks in confessional interviews or away from the person they’re talking about. Some castmates react to the episodes online via social media or as guests on various podcasts.

During a recent episode of the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, Laurel reacted to several of her castmates’ comments from the show and called them out for the remarks.

Bananas played back comments from Laurel’s All Stars 4 castmates

Bananas presented his The Ringer podcast featuring Laurel earlier this week. In part of their conversation, he said he wanted to play some comments from her castmates Ryan Kehoe and Cara Maria.

“I really don’t care what they have to say; I’m just going to call everything out exactly as I see it,” Laurel said.

Bananas played two clips featuring her castmates examining her situation with Nicole during the season.

“Nicole is making Laurel as soft as baby s***. Are you here for $250,000, or are you here to roll around with a regret?” Cara said during All Stars 4.

“I love Laurel, but. I think that Laurel’s off her game this season. She’s not playing a game like, what is she doing here?” Ryan said, adding, “You’re going to look back on this and regret the way Nicole’s playing you for a fool.”

Laurel called out her castmates for their All Stars 4 remarks

“I don’t give a f*** what they have to say, OK?” Laurel said in her reaction after Bananas stopped playing the audio clips on his podcast.

She also called their remarks about her “inaccurate” and “short-sighted.”

“I just, it’s it people can say whatever they want, you know what I’m saying? Like those people specifically, Like, why would I care about what someone has to say when they haven’t asked me about the situation and are viewing things wrong?” Laurel said.

“You know what I mean? Like it’s, it’s short-sighted. So, like, their viewpoints are very short-sighted. And I don’t even know why they have, you know, an investment in what I’m doing,” she added.

Laurel also said she didn’t feel anyone who cared about her “would ever speak that way about a circumstance” she’s involved in.

“And so those two people really, I, I could give a s*** about their opinion and what they have to say,” she told Bananas.

The MTV Challenge winner also mentioned that she felt Ryan’s commentary about her wasn’t necessarily all him, as she thought he was trying to help out production in presenting certain storylines.

“I think he’s just easily like manipulated by the producers to say whatever because he’s so desperate to be on the show is kind of how I think about that,” Laurel told Bananas.

Her latest remarks come several weeks after her social media comments about Ryan, in which she referred to him as a “fairweather friend.” That was after an online commenter suggested that Ryan seemed to support Cara recently because it helped him gain more popularity with fans.

While Laurel seems to have no interest in friendships with Ryan or Cara, she praised several Challenge castmates, including Nany Gonzalez, Jenna Compono, and Moriah Jadea, whom she considers good friends.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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24 days ago

I love Laurel!!!

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She’s always been boring.

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Laurel won the 6th grade field day while simultaneously being played for a fool! Congratulations?🫠