The Challenge’s Kyland Young on his status with Melissa Reeves: ‘There’s only so much you could do’

kyland young face shot from the challenge season 39 episode 16 confessional interview
Kyland Young during The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion featured several showmances in episodes, including MTV newcomer Kyland Young and former finalist Melissa Reeves becoming an item.

Kyland arrived on the competition series after competing in CBS’ Big Brother 23 and The Challenge: USA’s debut season.

Melissa, who reached the Total Madness final but had to drop out, returned to MTV’s show after a brief hiatus in which she was raising her baby daughter.

The Season 39 castmates were strongly interested in one another. This included Kyland standing up for Melissa to castmates several times as they tried to eliminate her.

Melissa eventually bowed out after losing to Ride or Dies champion Tori Deal in an event at The Arena, but she didn’t leave without Kyland saying his goodbye.

Kyland would leave the show much later due to his impressive performances in multiple eliminations, including against former champs. Following his Season 39 exit, he talked about where things are with him and Melissa.

Kyland says his situation with Melissa is ‘inconclusive’

After his exit from the season in an elimination during Episode 16, Kyland was among those appearing in an interview on the Caffeine Confessionals YouTube channel. Kyland got asked to share where things stood with him and Melissa’s situation after filming.

Kyland called it “inconclusive,” saying there hadn’t been much “opportunity to meet up after the show.”

“She’s a single mom [who] obviously has to prioritize everything with her daughter and her own life, and it’s such a vast distance,” he explained, regarding Melissa living across the pond.

“Despite some efforts being made, we literally didn’t see each other again until six or seven months later at the reunion,” he shared, adding, “For better or worse still, the situation is very difficult with the logistics of it all.”

“Definitely someone I care for a lot, and you know, we had real strong feelings develop, but it’s like there’s only so much you could do,” Kyland said.

As mentioned, Melissa’s exit came thanks to Tori, who defeated her in the Going Under event in Episode 9.

Following her elimination loss, Melissa prepared to leave The Arena, but Kyland stopped her and rushed down to the ground level to kiss her before she left. Melissa then bid farewell to the cast and became an online spectator for the remainder of Season 39.

At one point, a scene in another episode showed Kyland receiving a mock lap dance from Ravyn Rochelle at the club. Once a screenshot went online, it stirred up some additional drama between Melissa and Ravyn on social media. Melissa said Ravyn received one of her “used toys” with Kyland.

Kyland found love and friendships in Season 39

After Melissa departed from the show, Kyland had to go forth without his showmance but still had solid friendships with Horacio Gutierrez, Nurys Mateo, and several other castmates.

In Episode 16, viewers saw the trio of Kyland, Horacio, and Nurys at the bottom of the selection order. As Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald’s alliance were all saved from elimination first, the three friends would battle one another in the Conquest elimination.

In a breakout performance for The Challenge, Nurys defeated the two men in the elimination, sending them both home. It was a bittersweet moment, but her showmance, Horacio, and friend, Kyland, supported her in the win.

Horacio and Kyland had to say goodbye to Nurys and host TJ Lavin as their time on The Challenge ended. Production showed a montage of Kyland’s highlights that appeared as he gave his closing thoughts.

“I came in here with my only goal being to win, and I’ve learned that there are so many different types of victories,” he said in a confessional interview.

Among the highlights were him shaking hands with Challenge champs Brad Fiorenza and Darrell Taylor, whom he defeated in eliminations to remain in the game.

There were also scenes of Kyland and Melissa enjoying one another’s company at the club during the cast’s time away from the game.

In his closing confessional comments, Kyland said, “I’m leaving very proud of my performance and my loyalty, and I hope that anyone watching who saw themselves in a bit of me can be proud of themselves too.”

Most likely, Kyland and Melissa had more to say about their season together at The Challenge reunion, set to arrive on MTV this month.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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Melissa Byrd
Melissa Byrd
21 days ago

I love the game but some people just rubs me wrong and the two men in elimination was not fair in my opinion. To Nury good for her go win it all lady she is only one left that deserves it.