The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas teases he’s ‘just getting warmed up’ on House of Villains

johnny bananas from the challenge on mtv
The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas teased he has more in store for his House of Villains run. Pic credit: MTV

Johnny Bananas has plenty of villainous tricks up his sleeves, thanks to his many seasons on MTV’s The Challenge.

He’s currently bringing that experience as an entertaining reality TV villain to House of Villains on E!, where he drew the ire of castmate Tiffany “New York” Pollard within the first several episodes.

In recent installments, he was on the receiving end of several verbal tongue-lashing sessions from New York, who calls herself the “HBIC” of the House of Villains.

However, Johnny was able to pull out one of his infamous tricks from The Challenge and use it as a way to shake things up in the house.

He’d also gain power as a Supervillain, something he’s famously done in many seasons of the competition series.

In a recent social media share, he revealed that he was “just getting warmed up” on the show as he shared a clip of New York calling him out.

The Challenge star shares House of Villains promo

On Twitter and Instagram, Bananas showed viewers what they’re missing out on if they’re not watching House of Villains. It included host Joel McHale congratulating him as the “Supervillain of the Week” ahead of New York going at him.

“If there was anyone that didn’t already see me as a threat, they do now,” he said in a confessional after a masked villain reveal segment.

After winning power, Bananas got to choose three castmates up for potential elimination. He told New York she “made it easy” for him to pick her.

“You sabretoothed hammerhead bastard,” she yelled at Bananas after flipping him off.

In addition to New York, Bananas opted for 90 Day Fiance’s Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Love and Hip Hop: Miami’s Bobby Lytes.

In another memorable scene, Bananas caught further flack from New York as she confronted him while he sat with his castmates for a meal.

“Let me tell you something, Johnny Bananas. You leavin’ this house before I do, you amphibian reptile motherf***er, even though I’m down in the bottom three and on the hit list,” she told him.

While she asked if he had anything to say, New York cut him off each time he tried to speak before turning her back and walking off. Bananas reminded her the “current standing of the game” says otherwise as he’s got “all the power.

Bananas used his infamous note trick from The Challenge

In a trip down memory lane for Challenge fans, Bananas pulled the infamous mystery note trick he used on MTV’s competition show. Fans likely remember those notes that appeared to be written in a castmate’s handwriting that were discovered around The Challenge house.

Those shady notes stirred things up as everyone tried to figure out who wrote them and pointed fingers. It mostly created drama and chaos, something Bananas thrives upon in The Challenge to get ahead.

He employed a similar strategy in House of Villains, as he had a mystery note that he pretended he found from a castmate.

“How stupid do you think the house is, Bananas? The house is about to turn on you,” the note read.

Bananas acted suspicious of his ally, Corinne Olympios. She got fired up and confronted others to find out who wrote the note.

“Be SAVAGE not AVERAGE It’s the return of NOTE-gate,” Bananas wrote in a caption where he shared a clip about the note.

The Challenge star previously used this tactic during the Vendettas season to stir things up in the house. However, he went on to lose that season, as he was defeated in an elimination by castmate Devin Walker.

With Bananas claiming he’s “just getting warmed up,” one has to wonder what else he will pull out of his bag of tricks during the House of Villains competition.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV. House of Villains airs Thursdays at 10/9c on E!

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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