The Challenge’s Nelson Thomas comments about recent car crash allegations

nelson thomas from the challenge ride or dies
Nelson Thomas during MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Nelson Thomas surfaced for the first time on social media since allegations about his arrest for DWI due to alleged drunk driving during his car crash earlier this year.

The Challenge star said the past few days have been difficult for him with “everything that’s been coming out.”

Monsters and Critics reported about Nelson’s arrest for DWI, with details coming to light about it earlier this week after he was officially arrested in late September and released on bond.

The reports began to circulate on social media, leading to some outrage from individuals who claimed they’d donated to Nelson’s GoFundMe campaign in good faith, not realizing he’d been arrested.

The Challenge star hadn’t spoken in any interviews about his accident details, only sharing updates about his medical situation and recovery on social media.

However, on Friday, Nelson spoke for the first time since those reports arrived about his arrest and upcoming court date.

Nelson speaks following DWI arrest reports

On Friday, Nelson uploaded an Instagram Story where he spoke for under a minute, first thanking everyone for the recent birthday wishes. The Challenge star turned 35 on November 3.

“These last couple of days been really rough on me with everything coming out,” he said, sighing.

“I wish I could address it, but unfortunately, I can’t right now until my court date, but I think at this time and everything that’s been said and what’s going on, this has mentally kind of broke me a lot,” he shared.

He said despite it usually being a “good day,” he wasn’t feeling that way with everything that’s been going on.

“But anyway, I’m gonna take some time off social media, just really get some clarity and think, man, and just take care of myself mentally. But I’ll be back on here to address everything, trust me, people,” Nelson said.

Nelson’s rescue was recently featured in an ESPN story

As Monsters and Critics reported, Nelson was involved in a severe March car wreck, where his vehicle crashed into a pole and caught on fire. A group of individuals, including NFL player KJ Osboron, saw Nelson’s burning vehicle and achieved a daring rescue to save him.

They were able to pull Nelson out of the burning wreck to safety and stay with him on the roadside until emergency personnel, including paramedics and police, arrived.

The accident left Nelson with a badly injured ankle, which he required multiple hospital visits, surgeries, and physical therapy for.

ESPN recently shared a story on TV in which they spotlighted KJ Osborn, a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, and three other individuals involved in Nelson’s rescue from his crash on March 6.

Nelson’s name was mentioned as the individual in the crash, but he was not part of the ESPN story’s interviews.

espn had story involving kj osborn saving nelson thomas
ESPN recently ran a story involving KJ Osborn helping to save Nelson from his car wreck. Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

Soon after Nelson shared the news that he was in the crash and hospitalized, a GoFundMe was set up by a friend, which is still active and collected over $58,000 in donations.

Among the fans and friends donating were The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas, Mark Long, Jordan Wiseley, Tori Deal, and reunion host Maria Menounos.

In Nelson’s injury update several weeks ago, he spoke about how he was told he may need to have his ankle amputated but was looking into other options, including stem cell therapy.

More recently, reports surfaced that Nelson was arrested for DWI following a police investigation as a blood sample was taken from him the night of the accident and was above the legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level for those operating a motor vehicle in Texas.

Monsters and Critics previously reported Nelson is scheduled to appear in court in Texas on November 16 regarding his DWI arrest.

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