The Challenge’s Gabby Allen comments about her missed opportunity in Double Agents Episode 10

devin walker and gabby allen at the crater on double agents
Devin Walker and Gabby Allen during The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 10. Pic credit: MTV

In The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 10, rookie Gabby Allen was under the spotlight quite a bit for several different reasons. One of those included a potential romance in the house with her castmate Fessy Shafaat.

The other reason was due to having a big decision to make during the episode, and many of The Challenge viewers felt she missed a major opportunity.

Even host TJ Lavin called her out for it, and Gabby seemed to realize her mistake. She also commented about it online as the recent episode aired.

Double Agents Episode 10 may have featured easy Gold Skull

At the start of the Double Agents season, TJ announced competitors needed to win a Gold Skull in elimination in order to be eligible to compete in the final. However, he also announced there was just 10 Gold Skulls total, with five for the men, and five for the women.

That meant that competitors needed to go into elimination when they felt they had the best opportunity to get their Skull. That seemed to have presented itself for Gabby during Double Agents Episode 10.

The house vote in Episode 10 went towards Amber M and Cory Wharton because they wanted to go in to try to get their Skulls. Also, Amber M. was considered an easy opponent by many of the females in the house due to her size. Nany Gonzalez was hoping she’d get sent in against her.

The Double Agents power team was Gabby and her partner Devin Walker since they’d won the daily mission. The power team has the option to send in another team to elimination, or they can decide to go down to elimination themselves if they want to compete for a Gold Skull.

When competitors arrived at The Crater site for elimination, it was clearly a Hall Brawl. With the smallest girl in the house already sent in, it pretty much gave bigger competitors a good shot at their skull.

However, when TJ asked if Gabby wanted to go down to fight for her Skull, she passed on the opportunity. Instead, she and Devin sent Amber Borzotra and Darrell Taylor in. Amber B. ended up getting her Gold Skull, becoming the fourth and final member of the Big Brother alliance to do so.

Gabby comments about her missed opportunity

Following her televised elimination from The Challenge: Double Agents, Amber M tweeted about her appearance on Season 36.

“You’re all welcome for the entertainment this season,” she tweeted, along with a kissing emoji to show love for the fans.

Her tweet brought Gabby Allen to reply to her, as they’d been shown as friends and allies during several of the episodes this season.

“I love you! I [gave] you what you wanted and you went out fighting baby! People are judging me for not going down against you but in hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t have to! – a gold skull but + a friend for life babyyyyyy BYE B****ES,” Gabby replied.

“Love you too girl!! Don’t listen to the haters you did what you had to do,” Amber M. replied to her friend and Double Agents castmate.

gabby allen and amber m tweets the challenge
Pic credit: @amba1210/Twitter

Based on another tweet, even Gabby realized she made a mistake, as a fan showed the size difference between the two Ambers.

“Y’all see how big that girls is?! Gabby is so dumb!!!!” a fan commented along with a picture of Amber M. standing next to Amber B. at The Crater.

“Sooooo dumb,” Gabby Allen replied to the image, seeming to admit she missed a major opportunity during that particular part of the season.

fan of the challenge calls out gabby allen mistake in episode 10
Pic credit: @zahidazaddy/Twitter

Double Agents has been about trying to deceive or manipulate others, but there are also strong allies and friends in the game. Gabby and Amber M. were putting their friendship and alliance ahead of anything else, whereas it became clear that Amber B. wasn’t necessarily working with them. She also appeared to be making some sneaky moves that Amber M. didn’t know about.

At the end of the day, Amber M. and Gabby still have that friendship, while Amber B. claimed the Gold Skull to possibly advance herself farther in the game.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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