The Challenge’s Devin Walker reveals which Double Agents castmates are ‘delusional’ and ‘conceited’

devin walker during the challenge double agents confessional interview
Devin Walker of The Challenge described two ‘unlikable’ castmates in an interview. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Double Agents, Devin Walker achieved a new level of popularity, gaining more fans based on the entertainment he brought to the show.

He had a few targets in the game, including the Big Brother alliance, and even began a “Big Brother sucks” campaign early in the season.

Even though he appears to be on friendly terms with most of his castmates now, Devin has a few he still might not get along with fully.

In a recent interview, he labeled a few castmates as “conceited” and “delusional” based on their behavior and then explained the biggest issue they seem to share.

Devin refers to two castmates as ‘delusional’ and conceited’

Devin was a guest on the latest The Challenge: Redditors React episode hosted by Levin Hall.

Around the interview’s 23-minute mark, he was asked to play a word association game. During the game, Levi and his co-host threw various Double Agents cast members’ names at Devin, and he had to say the one word that he associated with them.

Devin referred to Tula “Big T” Fazakerley as “amazing” and Kyle Christie as “The Man,” giving his friend and co-star two words instead of one.

He also labeled Chris “CT” Tamburello as “calculating,” but his word choices for two cast members weren’t quite as flattering.

“Delusional,” Devin said when asked about Lolo Jones, who departed the show in Episode 11. He used the word “conceited” when given castmate Fessy Shafaat to choose a word for.

Devin explained that while he doesn’t have a problem with either of them, his perception is that they share a major issue. He even said he thinks Fessy could be more likable.

“Fessy’s an interesting one because he has the potential to be so likable, and it’s just a lack of self-awareness that makes him incredibly unlikable,” Devin said.

“I have no problem with Lolo personally, or really no problem with Fessy. It’s how they want to live their lives, but it’s incredibly off-putting to see somebody go through life without ever acknowledging a mistake,” he explained.

“When it’s constantly somebody else’s fault, it’s really hard to like that person,” he said, adding that he realizes he’s made numerous mistakes, and some of the same ones more than once.

“That’s how I feel about Lolo and about Fessy. I don’t know if anything has ever been their fault — in their head. And clearly having lived with them, there’s been a lot of things that have been their fault.” Devin told the podcast hosts.

Lolo and Fessy brought Double Agents drama

Since Fessy was part of the Big Brother alliance, it put him at odds with Devin during the season. Devin’s main objective was to try to break up that alliance, and he even instigated several arguments with Josh Martinez and Fessy.

However, Devin ultimately lost in elimination in Episode 12, bringing his exit from the show.

Fessy also drew some heat from fans because he went into the Hall Brawl elimination against Nelson Thomas, blindsiding him. Nelson was apparently a friend and ally with Fessy, although that has been considered questionable by Fessy.

Fessy used his size and football training to defeat Nelson and win a Gold Skull in their elimination. It led to Nelson being upset with Fessy’s blindside move, and he even said he hasn’t talked to him since that event.

Meanwhile, Lolo Jones was constantly struggling with competing on the show and had issues working effectively with her rookie partner, Nam Vo.

The two ended up arguing quite a bit due to communication and teamwork issues. They eventually decided they didn’t work well together.

Lolo attempted to get herself into an elimination to win and switch partners, but she could not achieve that objective.

In Episode 11, she was shown packing up her things and told castmates she felt it was better to focus on training for the Olympics.

After her departure, she criticized MTV’s The Challenge, saying she was forced to quit, and also suggested that a daily mission was rigged, which helped CT and Big T win.

That brought backlash from fans, and Devin Walker, who called out his castmate in a tweet.

Based on his recent interview, he’s not on the friendliest terms with Fessy and Lolo, but he has patched things up with Josh.

So if he bonded with Josh after their Double Agents drama, he’d probably have no problem doing the same with other castmates in the future.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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