The Challenge’s Cara Maria Sorbello called out by Zach Nichols for treatment of All Stars castmate

cara maria sorbello face shot from the challenge all stars 4
Cara Maria Sorbello at an elimination event on The Challenge: All Stars 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Zach Nichols felt that his former castmate, Cara Maria Sorbello, could have handled her situation with a castmate on The Challenge: All Stars 4 differently.

Cara is currently appearing with other MTV OGs on the Paramount+ spin-off, which features just one winner for the fourth season.

The game can be cutthroat, and things can get rougher with the added twists, such as winning stars and stealing them from other competitors.

In a recent episode, viewers saw several castmates get into it due to a strategic vote to send one competitor into the elimination.

That war of words featured Cara labeling her castmate a weaker player while comparing them to the other All Stars 4 competitors, which Zach took exception to.

The former Battle of the Seasons winner and The Real World: San Diego cast member spoke about it on his recent podcast episode, mentioning how his perspective is different now that he has a daughter.

Cara Maria referred to Jasmine as a ‘Starget’ and weaker competitor

During All Stars 4, Episode 4, Cara Maria got voted into elimination against fellow legend Rachel Robinson.

It set up an epic battle between two OGs who’ve won MTV’s The Challenge twice during their careers.

Of course, not many Challengers like getting voted into elimination, and that was the case with Cara and Rachel, as both took issues with supposed friends not having their backs.

Ahead of that, Cara also got into a verbal spat with castmate Jasmine Reynaud, who was up in the stands with other castmates watching the event.

“I definitely learned who my friends aren’t- Brandon [Nelson] and Jasmine,” Cara said after TJ Lavin asked how she felt about being in an elimination.

Brandon mentioned they hadn’t talked in eight years since appearing together in previous seasons of The Challenge.

“I made a move. I did what I had to do…How bout you focus on what you gotta do right now?” Jasmine told Cara.

Cara did just that, defeating Rachel in a ninja star-throwing battle to oust her from the game.

After she won in the elimination, host TJ Lavin said Cara also won Rachel’s star and could give it to any other female. She contemplated giving it to Laurel Stucky but then decided that might set them up to go against each other in a future elimination.

“Either I give it to one of the strong b****es, and we end up in another Rachel Cara situation, or Starget,” she said, pointing toward Jasmine.

With that, Cara decided to hand the star over to Jasmine, believing it was wise to put it on a “weaker” player whom others would target to get that star for themself.

Zach called out Cara Maria for her All Stars 4 move

During his recent Zach Nichols Podcast, Cara’s former castmate spoke about what she did on All Stars 4 and didn’t seem to like how she called Jasmine a “weak” player in front of the group.

He said he felt Jasmine handled the situation “like a champ” after enduring “multiple seasons” in which she questioned whether she deserved to be on The Challenge or the All Stars spin-off.

“I would hate it if it was my daughter. So I don’t like that. I would almost rather you be like, ‘I’m gonna give it to Jasmine because she’s the only person I have a history with,'” Zach suggested.

He said Cara should’ve used the star move to get a friend or two in the game by returning to The Challenge house and asking to be part of an alliance.


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“Listen, I’m an a*******, and I’ve been an a******, but I would hope if Cara’s in that position, she would understand the magnitude of calling someone weak in front of a whole group of people. Yes, it’s the smart game move, but like, that’s somebody’s daughter,” Zach contended.

Zach has previously indicated he was happy to see Cara back on a season of The Challenge following her hiatus and also said he believed she was one of his top three favorites from the women’s side to win All Stars 4.

Zach last appeared with Cara on War of the Worlds 2, but has since been away from the show and indicated he probably won’t return. He’s more focused on his family now, as he’s married to castmate Jenna Compono and they have three children together.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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17 days ago

Cara is always crying when voted in, yet she claims she is better than everyone and can beat everyone. So annoying!!!

16 days ago

It’s funny now that Zach has daughters, he now thinks the way he does…back when he was on the show he treated the girls like crap! Yelled at them, called them names and weak, and was down right mean to them! He has no right to try to say “I’m an a$$**//” and expect people to excuse hie actions.

8 days ago
Reply to  Terri

The rib story should haunt him forever

Mama Jane
Mama Jane
13 days ago

Considering Zach has been the biggest asshole to women and especially to his wife. I hope he’s taking his own advice and apologizing to all the women he has bashed emotionally.

8 days ago

Zach, just shut up.