The Challenge’s Brandon Nelson says he was interested in All Stars 4 castmate but showmance didn’t happen

the challenge star brandon nelson face shot from all stars 4
The Challenge’s Brandon Nelson said he was “absolutely single” during All Stars 4 and had some interest in one castmate. Pic credit: Paramount+

According to Brandon Nelson, he was single going into The Challenge: All Stars 4 and left the show just as single.

The spinoff show features MTV OGs competing for Stars and ultimately a cash prize by winning the final.

However, sometimes showmances and hookups occur, such as Alton Williams and Jisela Delgado on All Stars 1 or Jordan Wiseley and Nia Moore on All Stars 3.

With All Stars 4, the showmance focus has been on exes Nicole Zanatta and Laurel Stucky, potentially rekindling their romantic relationship.

There’s also the engaged power couple Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams, but beyond that, showmances haven’t appeared much in the episodes.

Brandon revealed that he was interested in one of his castmates, but another of his All Stars 4 castmates “swooped in.”

Brandon said All Stars 4 castmate was ‘good to look at’

Brandon was a guest on the Zach Nichols Podcast, where he spoke about his return to The Challenge years later. He said it had been “radio silence” except for one availability call he received for Dirty 30 or another MTV season.

With All Stars 4, he said he went into the house single, as he’d gone through a divorce. In terms of castmates, he said there weren’t too many he was interested in.

“Here’s the thing. The camera can make some of these ladies look a lot better on TV because then when you’re in person, I feel like I’m being Punk’d,” he shared, joking that sometimes they didn’t smell great.

“It changes your perspectives on these girls,” Brandon said, adding, “So nah, I wasn’t really trying to hook up with anybody.”

He admitted that his castmate, Averey Tressler, “was good to look at,” though.

That was until someone else gained Averey’s interest before he could.

“She started messing with Adam [Larson] and I was like, ‘How the f**k?'” he joked on the podcast.

“I was in good shape. I had like a little four-and-a-half pack. Like I was good. I was sleeping right next to this chick, and then I look up, and her and Adam are cuddling by the fire,” he shared.

“Adam swooped in quicker than a motherf***er,” Brandon said.

Brandon fired back at a commenter who tried to call him out for castmate’s ‘rejection’

In the comments section of that particular clip from Zach’s podcast, a commenter suggested that Averey was the only castmate who gave Brandon “the time of day.”

“and she still chose someone else. This guy handles rejection like a 12 year old,” the commenter wrote.

“was never rejected. It was a lighthearted joke. Go touch grass,” Brandon replied.

screenshot from zachnicholspodcast about brandon nelson and castmates
Pic credit: @zachnicholspodcast/Instagram

Interestingly, the Averey and Adam showmance hasn’t been a thing during All Stars 4, as the focus has been on other storylines, including Brandon’s friendship with Cara Maria Sorbello.

However, online spoilers and rumors revealed their situation during filming, and Adam’s social media post during the episodes confirmed it.

“Don’t think I have a pic with my eyes open or a decent smile LOL – Love you @avereytressler,” Adam wrote in his caption for a carousel post of All Stars 4 pics.

Several scenes shown during All Stars 4 featured them close together, but confessionals and other footage did not give much attention to this, leaving some fans in the dark about their situation. It’s possible more will arrive about the showmance in upcoming episodes.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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