The Challenge’s Brad Fiorenza says he’s changing his name, shares cryptic message about ‘fear’ and ‘freedom’

brad fiorenza on the challenge all stars 3
Brad Fiorenza’s social messages raised questions for many people. Pic credit: Paramount+

Brad Fiorenza recently shared several cryptic messages addressing an upcoming name change and exploring an issue he could’ve spoken about before his first reality TV appearances.

The Challenge star, recently revealed for MTV’s Season 39 cast, initially debuted on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego.

In one video clip, Brad appeared outside near his property in front of a truck. He said he had a “little bit of explaining to do” after his recent post.

“That involves the change of my first name,” he said, informing fans and followers, “you can still call me Brad. That’s more for me than anything.”

“It involves a big decision that I just had to make, involving my immediate family. This was the end result of an issue that I was encouraged to speak about before Real World: San Diego, and I chose not to because I thought I was protecting my family,” he shared.

Brad said he felt many years later he may have “made the wrong choice” not to speak about the issue back then.

The Challenge OG said he wants a ‘safe outlet’ to share information

Brad continued to say he’s looking for a “safe outlet” where he can share his story or speak about the issue “where it can be helpful to other people but still protect the important people like [his] family.”

The Challenge: All Stars 3 finalist said he spoke to a therapist who helped him arrive at this decision. Brad mentioned the “sacred” part of the previous message he posted was about him taking time to think, meditate, and pray about the choice he had to make.

“Basically, I got into a boat…I live on a lake. I got in the boat, and I paddled out into the darkness, and you couldn’t see where the water met the land. I felt like I faced all my fears with this decision,” he said.

Brad said he spent hours praying and meditating on the lake to help gain necessary “closure” about his situation.

“I’d like to encourage anybody that’s going through anything difficult to find a safe, healthy outlet to find your closure,” he said.

Brad also thanked his friends, followers, and fans for “being part of his life” before turning his attention to Bunim/Murray Productions, the company behind The Real World and The Challenge.

“I’d like to thank BMP for helping me have this amazing epiphany 20 years later. I owe you guys so much,” he said, adding that it includes his “best work” that is forthcoming.

He turned the camera to show off the gorgeous scenery he was facing, including lush green vegetation, trees, and light blue skies. He said that land is “sacred” to him before wishing everyone love and a good day.

Brad’s social media messages caused some confusion

In a follow-up video clip with “Love & Respect” on the screen, Brad thanked all the people who reached out to him recently about his recent social media posts and messages.

“Don’t forget to turn inward. I think that’s how we use more than 10 percent of our brain is when we learn to turn inward,” he said.

Brad explained that it gives a “different approach” for analyzing issues we might be dealing with and “also helps us figure out ways to solve” those issues.

The 42-year-old reality TV star may have caused concern or confusion with some of his fans and friends. A superfan’s Challenge IG post revealed one of Brad’s IG Story posts that may have caused the need for him to explain things further.

In the screenshotted post, Brad appears on screen wearing a neon green winter hat surrounded by darkness, with his face and beard visible in the photo.

“Question every word I have ever said to you…” part of his on-screen text said, with another reading, “I hope you enjoy the We ALL learn together show.”

“I’m gonna need a name change on my jersey & a good tattoo artist,” he also shared in the text, closing it with “Let’s f***ing go” and tags for MTV and Bunim Murray.

the challenge and real world star brad fiorenza
A screenshot shows Brad’s cryptic message about his name change. Pic credit: @challengeteaa/Instagram

Many fans are still in the dark about Brad’s recent messages and explanation videos. The former Cutthroat winner is still on a journey with the issue he mentioned never speaking about 20 years ago.

He’ll appear briefly in Season 39 of The Challenge, called Battle For a New Champion. Brad will be featured in at least one episode as a mercenary coming in for an elimination event.

As of this writing, he hasn’t revealed a name change or the issue he will explore and address. However, that seems like it’ll be coming in the future, so hopefully, more answers will arrive.

The Challenge Season 39 premieres Wednesday, October 25 at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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