The Challenge’s Big T Fazakerley calls out castmate’s Season 39 actions: ‘Lessons learned’

big t fazakerley calls out castmate
Big T Fazakerley continues to call out one of her Season 39 castmates on The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley is calling out her castmate from The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion after what seems to be shady actions on the show.

Viewers have seen Big T aligned with multiple individuals in the game, including her best friend Melissa Reeves and Spies, Lies & Allies castmate Corey Lay.

While Melissa has had Big T’s best interests at heart, it appears Corey did not, based on the strategies he used in the game.

In a recent series of messages, Big T explained that Corey came to her crying and told her that their castmate, Zara Zoffany, was targeting him.

Based on Big T’s message, Corey tried to say that Horacio Gutierrez had been saying Zara’s name, not him.

“I DEFENDED CORY Then this fool has the audacity to attack me … wowowow lessons learned. I’m SO SORRY Horacio!!! Lessons learned #TheChallenge39,” Big T tweeted.

Big T apologizes to castmates after calling out Cory

In addition to Horacio, The Challenge star Big T apologized to Zara from The Challenge: UK and World Championship in a follow-up message.

She indicated that the way Cory talked about her made her change her opinion, and that’s why she had a different energy toward her in the house at one point.

“But no hate.. strategy is strategy no matter how pathetic it is,” Big T tweeted.

“Also JOKES on me … after Corey lied to me and my room…. For personal reasons I protected him….wow imagine Melissa and I have never done anything to this guy and he has such hate to us,” Big T wrote.

It’s not the first time Big T has called out Corey, as she’s previously fired off other messages about him. In addition, she revealed she unfollowed and blocked him on social media due to what he did during filming.

Viewers saw Corey’s close friend sent home

In one of the most recent episodes of The Challenge, one of Corey’s allies was the latest to get eliminated from Battle For a New Champion.

Back-to-back episodes were shown earlier this week on MTV, with one containing a women’s elimination and the other a men’s elimination.

In the women’s elimination, Ravyn Rochelle became the easy scapegoat for most of the house to vote for, as she’d seemingly betrayed trust by giving information to one of the UK stars.

Ravyn called down Sofia “Jujuy” Jimenez and defeated her in a physical game called Dirty Deeds. With that, Ravyn showed herself as a strong competitor and may have regained some trust from her previous allies.

For the men, Hughie Maughan became the easy name to call out for most of the competitors. However, just like in the previous voting for Ravyn, there was another round of burn votes from people.

Hughie called down Kyland Young, who appeared in Big Brother and The Challenge: USA. Kyland defeated Hughie in How I Roll, a game involving rolling a ball down a beam with inclines and declines so that it would land in a bucket below.

Hughie’s elimination took one of Corey’s friends and allies in the house out of the game. However, based on all the talk online, it seems Corey was using some interesting strategies to keep himself from getting put into elimination.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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