The Challenge’s Asaf Goren blasts several of the show’s vets for disrespecting him

the challenge season 39 cast member asaf goren face shot from confessional interview in episode 12
Asaf Goren fired back at several of The Challenge champs who mentioned his name in critical remarks. Pic credit: MTV

Asaf Goren called out several former champions from The Challenge after their comments about his appearance in Season 39.

After his one-and-done debut on Total Madness, he returned for the newest MTV season, Battle For a New Champion, where the main cast is non-show winners looking to get their first championship.

So far, he’s fared much better in his sophomore season, as he’s managed to stay out of competing at The Arena and has survived past the midseason point.

However, he’s also irritated a few of his castmates and several champions who have never officially crossed paths with him.

They’ve included Devin Walker and Darrell Taylor, who appeared as mercenaries at The Arena for elimination events, and Zach Nichols, who reviews the show’s episodes from afar.

Asaf recently fired back at all three of The Challenge champs following various critical remarks they made about him.

Asaf calls out ‘bored a** vets’ for disrespecting him

Taking to his Twitter following the airing of The Challenge Season 39’s latest episode on MTV, Asaf had some things to say regarding veteran cast members talking about him.

“Rookie or a vet rich or poor, it doesn’t even matter I’ll fully respect you as long as you gonna respect me. U talk s*** bout me , imma come for you ,” Asaf wrote in his message.

“Ya’ll so call champs are boring . And don’t get me wrong , I’m boring af this season as well,” he wrote.

screenshot from twitter x shows asaf goren reacting to three of the challenge vets remarks about him
A tweet from Asaf. Pic credit: @asafgoren1/Twitter

Asaf also appeared on a recent Challenge Mania podcast episode where he spoke about being disrespected by the veteran cast members.

“I’m an easy target for bored a** vets,” he told hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski before calling out specific cast members.

“Like Darrell [Taylor], with all due respect for a person that won a couple times back in the 90s, or Devin [Walker]. Yeah, congrats to Devin for winning one season…Or Zach [Nichols], like stay in your corner. Stop talking. Who the f*** is Zach?” Asaf continued.

“And I’m like those people coming at me on Twitter, and just because you guys have more stripes, you made more seasons, you made yourselves a name, that doesn’t mean you can disrespect me,” he said.

Asaf said he doesn’t “really give a s***” and is not trying to get a callback for The Challenge because he’s working as “a full-time music producer.”

His comments arrived on Instagram and Twitter following the airing of Episode 12, which featured Cara Maria Sorbello’s big return to the show. Her interaction wasn’t with Asaf but with his castmate and ally Michele Fitzgerald, whom Cara called down to compete against her in an elimination event at The Arena.

However, Darrell, Devin, and Zach have each mentioned Asaf during this season.

What did The Challenge vets say about Asaf?

Devin was the first of the three Challenge winners to take a shot at Asaf after the Season 39 cast member mentioned him by name during a confessional interview scene.

In that scene, Asaf suggested his gameplay made him the “new Devin” because he strategically played multiple individuals to make them believe they were his allies. The scene also included production merging Devin’s face with Asaf’s face and hairstyle, which seemed to irritate the Ride or Dies winner.

Devin then took to Twitter to call out Asaf’s remarks, saying he was nothing like him and an “absolute fraud,” which led to the two briefly going back and forth with tweets. Asaf even called out Devin to battle him in a future season of the show.

Meanwhile, Zach has the Zach Nichols Podcast, where he comments about the weekly episodes of The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion. During some of his remarks, he said someone needed to get “that maniac out” of the game, referring to Asaf.

More recently, Darrell showed up for a Season 39 elimination event at The Arena, drawing Kyland Young’s name from The Draw. During his appearance on the Mike Lewis Podcast after the episode, Darrell said he would’ve called Asaf down to compete if he had drawn the Chaos weapon.

Darrell indicated he didn’t know much about Asaf beyond seeing or hearing about his previous appearance on The Challenge: Total Madness. However, he said there was something about the Season 39 cast member that irritated him.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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