The Challenge’s Amanda Garcia says she ‘invented’ Josh Martinez, forgot two rival castmates ‘existed’

amanda garcia face shot from the challenge home turf docuseries youtube
Amanda Garcia from The Challenge: Home Turf docuseries on YouTube. Pic credit: MTV

Amanda Garcia is known for not holding back on her opinions on The Challenge, and she continued that trend with remarks about several castmates during a docuseries based on the show.

She’s brought the drama on multiple seasons of The Challenge, including arguments with Michele Fitzgerald and Tori Deal on the CBS spinoff USA 2.

During her recent episode of The Challenge: Home Turf, Amanda, the former Are You The One? star, discussed several individuals she’s been on The Challenge with.

Among them was her former teammate from the War of the Worlds season, Josh Martinez.

Amanda commented on her role in helping the Big Brother winner become a star on the reality TV competition series.

In addition, she brought up several castmates who were rivals that she indicated she “forgot existed.”

Amanda said she ‘invented’ Josh on The Challenge

With The Challenge: Home Turf, fans of MTV’s show are getting further insight into eight all-time favorite cast members.

After episodes featuring Chris “CT” Tamburello and Cara Maria Sorbello, viewers learned more about Amanda Garcia and her life away from the show.

It included Amanda talking about her family, raising a son in Castle Rock, Colorado, and working as a nurse at a correctional facility.

She also spoke about her highlight moments from The Challenge seasons she’s appeared in, including partnering with rookie Josh on the first War of the Worlds season.

Josh butted heads with his teammate about how they should navigate the game. Amanda explained she’d learned from her previous seasons about messing with castmates’ heads.

“Nobody likes you,” Josh told his partner during War of the Worlds after asking, “How many times have you won?”

“I think originally Josh was so thrown off because he was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m partnered with the craziest person on the show,'” she shared on Home Turf.

Amanda said she’d seen an interview Josh did recently where he revealed she helped him with his career on the show.

“He gives me credit because I got him involved in fights. I got him involved in drama. He was always in the scene. I created him. I invented him,” she said.

Since that rookie season, Josh has appeared in four MTV seasons and the USA 2 spinoff on CBS, but has failed to reach the final.

That WOTW season also featured Amanda stirring things up with multiple castmates, including Jenna Compono, when she told her that her showmance Zach Nichols had been on the Bumble dating app before filming started.

Amanda discussed rival castmates she ‘forgot existed’

In an earlier part of Home Turf, Amanda said her Invasion of the Champions season was one of her favorites because she linked up with friends, including Ashley Mitchell, Shane Landrum, and Sylvia Elsrode. They became the “Lavender Ladies” clique.

She also described that season as difficult due to the conditions cast members endured and mentioned several castmates, including Jenna.

“I didn’t really like Jenna and Kailah [Casillas] and all of them,” she said of castmates from the season, adding, “Yeah, I forgot about them.”

A clip showed Jenna in tears after Amanda had mentioned Jenna hooking up with a castmate on the plane. At the time, Jenna had an ongoing romantic situation with castmate Zach Nichols, whom she’s now married to.

Later, Jenna confronted Amanda over it in a heated situation, with Bananas and other castmates there.

“I forgot they even existed, actually,” Amanda said in Home Turf.

Kailah was part of the “Holy Trinity” group on The Challenge with her friends Jenna and Nany Gonzalez. Based on recent seasons of MTV’s show, Amanda has no beef with Nany.

Following Amanda’s Invasion season was Dirty 30, with her and Jenna castmates again. Early in the game, Jenna made an easy decision to send her rival into elimination, ousting her from the season.

“I was someone who exposed her truth. She didn’t like that, so it was just an easy ride for me to the Redemption House,” Amanda said in her Home Turf episode.

“That’s what sucks for me, is if it’s a popularity contest, I’m not gonna win,” she said before a clip showed Jenna defeating her in the Dirty 30 elimination.

“We don’t talk. I think she has me blocked,” Amanda said of her situation with Jenna.

Some fans might argue that creating rivals isn’t the best way to advance in The Challenge, but one can’t deny that Amanda will always speak her mind and bring drama to the show.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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